The Mayans, December 2012, & What “Merlin” Saw

Jan 08 2012 Published by under salt

An old friend of mine was on Coast to Coast last night.  Paul Guercio.  He and his (then) wife were dear friends of mine years ago when he was just beginning to develop “Merlin” a fascinating kind of computer program that tracks patterns in time much in the same way astrology does, only with more scientific precision.  He did my “Merlin” chart for me years ago and I’m not an expert, but I remember that the way to read these is to note the extremes – gaps, peaks, etc.

Well, Paul posited that the Mayan “endtime” that everyone is so panicked about actually started in 2007 – 2008 with the financial collapse, and that what we are seeing is everyone in a position of power trying to “duct tape” the problem enough to just hold it all together until after the elections in November… which, of course, is followed directly by… December 2012!

I had had the thought about the November aspect of it, but not that the Mayan thing had a run up that started with the collapse, which I found fascinating, and seemed right to me.  It seemed true to me that the December 2012 moment is a culmination of events, rather than a bolt from the blue, as it were.

Anyway, here’s the chart, and a link to learn more (Notes are mine, and, again, may be wrong, but I think I’ve got this right!):

And have a look at the Merlin chart for Obama/Biden… Sure looks like a defeat in November to me! You’ll see it continues past January 2013, but only for about half the year.  My hope is that that is merely a reflection of how long he takes to exit the “public consciousness” and then he’s off the world stage.

One can only hope.

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Nov 19 2011 Published by under salt

Herman’s not done.

It seems like it, because of all the unbelievably dishonest reporting going on.

The latest is that he’s an ignoramous because he suggested that there’s Taliban in Libya.


Seems there is.  And no less a liberal rag than The Los Angeles Times had a headline stating that very fact last April.  I Googled “Taliban in Libya” and it was the second result.  Second!  Do these “reporters” ever fact-check?  Do they ever think?  Do they ever think that we fact-check? 

Besides, everybody paying attention knew, and knows, that the “rebels” are a very sketchy bunch.  It’s hardly a stretch to assume that one flavor of West-hating jihadi wouldn’t be happy to put aside their ancestral hatred of another flavor of West-hating jihadi who has been their traditional mortal enemy – just long enough to kill a mutual third enemy.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend even when we’re talking about jihadis. They’ll team up for firepower just long enough to kill whomever it is they both hate, smug in the assumption that they’ll get the upper hand on their temporary ally when their usefulness has expired – and just kill them.

Happens all the time.


Anyway… Back to my original point.

Herman’s not done.  It’s been ticking around in the back of my brain all day, so persistently I had to commit it publicly.

He may surprise everyone in Iowa.  Iowa doesn’t like Mitt.  He’s blown them off and they know it.  Newt hasn’t been in the state for 5 minutes.  And from what I hear, every Iowan that’s met Herman loves him – and we all know it’s retail politics that wins.  The other candidates may have been better ground games, but Iowans don’t like them.

They love Herman.

I expect 2nd in Iowa.  Not confidently, but I think it’s a fair shot. Perhaps 3rd.  He won’t win it.

He will place  3rd in New Hampshire.  He will not win it.  At this point the entire media establishment will write his obituary.

He will then go on to win South Carolina and Florida.

Remember where you read it first ;)

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PREDICTION: Corzine, Greece, Goldman Sachs, $700M

Nov 01 2011 Published by under salt

John Corzine, late of Goldman Sachs, has, in the last few days, found himself in a bit of hot water over $700 MILLION that has gone missing.

Also, of late, we’re seeing Greece in it’s final death throes, in some rather sudden, though not unexpected developments.  The only thing surprising about it is that it’s come to this, like this, so violently, this week.

Did you know that Goldman Sachs was intimately involved in structuring Greece’s finances in the 1990′s?


I’m betting no.  It may take a decade, even two.  But we’ll find out these two things are related.  Not in a causal way, but in a corollary way.  Corzine’s missing money didn’t cause Greece’s death throes, but the money got missing in an effort to protect it because of what he knew about Greece.

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Medical Speakeasies

May 10 2011 Published by under salt

Why doesn’t Krugman just change his name to Keynes and be done with it? Oh! Right. Both Krugman & Keynes are/were closet-capitalists, investing their money carefully and using every legal means possible to shelter it, but shhhh… forget about that… don’t look at the man behind the curtain, again, and again, and again… Just do what he says you, the little person, should do, the hypocritical bastards.

Damn, I’m grumpy this morning.

The point is, Krugs is at it again. Mark my words, in about 10 years, if this madness stands, we will have a full-fledged two-tier medical system. The rich will pay for premium access to skilled physicians and the poor will have government sh*t.

We’re already seeing it start with the… oh, damn. I forget what they call them, but you can pay $1500 per year or so and get 24/7 access to your physician.

Medical Speakeasies. ObAmerica.


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PREDICTION: Bin Laden Photo? October 2012 “Surprise”

May 05 2011 Published by under salt

It occurs to me that the withholding of the long-form death photo of Bin Laden is purposeful.

There’s a whole series of if’s involved which depend in a large part on amnesia & the notorious gymnastic flexibility of liberal principles (such as they are) but:

If his base doesn’t crucify him for the unilateral (no U.N. partners) decision to assassinate UBL…

If his base doesn’t crucify him for using executive authority (imperial Bush) to assassinate UBL…

If they are able to sustain their denial that waterboarding led directly to UBL’s lair…

If they are able to sustain their denial that Gitmo led directly to UBL’s lair…

…even if it is C.I.A. chief Panetta, AP, NYT, HuffPo, and dozens of other so-called reputable news organizations reminding us that only 3 guys were water-boarded and both of the critical leads, the nickname, then the real name of the courier, came from policies Obama eviscerated Bush for

It will be OOPSIE! –  Leaked as an October Surprise in 2012.

It will make him look butch to the independents, corral a few rudderless GOP, and by then, the base will be so thoroughly propagandized & brainwashed they won’t care anymore…

Bookmark this site, and remember you heard it here first.

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