Democrats’ OBSCENE Denial of the FAST & FURIOUS FACTS

Jun 20 2012

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 1 -> F&F crossed an international border WITHOUT PERMISSION. The Mexicans were NOT informed of the program. Under Bush, THEY WERE. It was a PARTNERSHIP.

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 2 -> F&F HUNDREDS of Mexicans are DEAD with F&F guns found at crime scene. A Marine/Border Agent, Brian Terry is DEAD. I thought you guys were supposed to care about innocent victims?

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 3 -> F&F -> If anybody else gave a letter to congress in February then TEN MONTHS LATER WITHDREW it citing “evolving truth” THEY’D BE CONVICTED OF PERJURY.

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 4 -> F&F -> Holder ACTUALLY asserted that “Fast and Furious” – that EXACT phrase, as quoted to him from one of the few dox released was NOT the F&F in question. Seriously?

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 5 -> F&F -> Holder NEVER called the Terry family. If your employee were killed in the line of duty through no fault of your own, wouldn’t YOU call the family? That’s what a NORMAL reaction is. Holder’s is the behavior of a GUILTY MAN.

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