Michelle Obama on Her Campaign 2012 Schedule

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“The greatest honor of my life has been to be America’s First Lady.  I can’t describe to you what a privilege it has been to meet so many Americans in every corner of this great nation of ours, and to welcome them from every corner of the country into the people’s house here on Pennsylvania Avenue.  My husband and I could not be more committed to seeing those who have suffered through this terrible recession made whole again.  I know what’s in my husband’s heart.  I know he loves being President as much as I love being beside him as First Lady.  There’s nothing we both want more than to see America well, and healthy, and prosperous. I believe Barack has laid the foundations to see us to that brighter day. Of course, my job being Mom is always first, but whatever support he needs to be so honored with another term, well, of course, I want to do whatever I can to help that happen”

OOPS!  That’s NOT what she said.  Here’s what Mooch-elle Antoinette ACTUALLY said:

“My approach to campaigning is: This is the time that I have to give to the campaign, and whatever you do with that time is up to you, but when it’s over, don’t even look at me. Don’t look this direction. No calls, no anything… It’s been a tough row to hoe, but I want him to be my president for another four years, as a citizen… So I’m going to do what I need to do. But Malia and Sasha always come first.”

Asslessclay Itchbay… but that’s just me.

h/t Politico, quoting WSJ

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Who-What-Where-When-Why, Anyone?

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Daily Caller has this story about Politico this morning that made me go to the sad place:

“Internet traffic and Web search measurement tools from several sources indicate that despite massive promotion efforts on MSNBC and in other venues, Politico.com is rapidly losing readers, especially outside of Washington, D.C.

Measurements of U.S. Web traffic provided to The Daily Caller by Compete, Inc. indicate that the number of total monthly visits to Politico.com dropped by 31.8 percent during the 18-month period that ended on October 31.”

I didn’t go the sad place, really.  But surely Politico & MSNBC will soon if they don’t wake up.  Surely there’s one human organism, breathing in & out, working for either of those outfits, who hasn’t had the curiosity bone in their head removed, right?  There’s got to be one carbon-based life-form with a key-card to either of those buildings who understands who-what-where-when-why in the first paragraph, right? Understands a .gov website is for plowing through data to do actual investigative reporting, and not just for downloading & rewording White House press releases and publishing them as news stories, right?

One?  Just one?


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Nov 11 2011 Published by under salt

I was messing around with the permalinks settings and bolluxed up the blog.

Yes.  It looks funny.

I’m off to dinner, then will be back to address it.


UPDATE Friday, November 11, 2011 6:42am: I bolluxed up the blog last night, still haven’t fixed it, and will do it, but I just saw something so jaw-droppingly STUPID I had to post it – even on my po’ bwoke blog.  (My babies, my twins, are 13 today, 11-11-11, so I may not even get to fix it for sure until Sunday, given our birthday event schedule which started last night and goes all the way through Sunday, but I’m hoping I can restore it to it’s epic beauty before then! ;)  )

Okay!  The STUPID thing:  Perhaps you’ve heard a new batch of Nixon tapes was released.  This isn’t, in itself, especially notable, because this has happened before – BUT – some of the tapes were Grand Jury testimony.  Grand Jury testimony doesn’t ever have to be released, unless the Attorney General decides that it’s of ‘such historical value’ it can be.

Eric Holder has just released just such a batch.

I learned about it watching a Politico reporter on MSNBC just now.  I ACTUALLY saw The Politico reporter have the words form in his mouth, and then speak them, that Eric Holder didn’t *have* to release this Nixon Grand Jury testimony, but did it because it was of such historical significance, AND BLOW RIGHT PAST that thought and go on to just discuss the tapes themselves.  OMG…






The lack of curiosity on the part of this reporter is, to me, akin to not ducking when you see an asteroid incoming.  It’s a BASIC FRIGGING INSTINCT that has to be BRED or SOMEHOW SOCIALIZED out of you TO NO LONGER EXIST.  It VIOLATES the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS.

He should not only be FIRED, he should be ASHAMED of himself.

(I think it was Politico’s Mike Mullen, but I’m not 110% sure.)




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Cain Confidentiality LIFTED = *crickets*

Nov 04 2011 Published by under salt

About an hour ago, the National Restaurant Association lifted the cone of sha – er – silence from the neck of the silent-but-yipping-poodle accuser of Herman Cain’s.

So what has Politico done with the documents it has been so careful to keep under wraps? And what has the woman in question done?


INSIDER SECRET:  Newsrooms have obituaries written in advance, okay?  They have interns keep them updated like resumes, so that when someone drops, they’re first with the news. You don’t think – IF THEY ACTUALLY HAD SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL – that they didn’t have this ready to go on the outside chance the Association broke with long-standing practice and lifted the ban?  

If they actually HAD something it would be a siren on Drudge right now.


You know what happened?  I’ll betcha I know:  This woman, who at the time was 30 according to reports, has had some time to think about her claim.  She has realized in the fullness of time, that she was being a p.c. b*tch, and if she actually stood in the harsh sunlight of scrutiny, 2/3′s of America would adjudge her to be a reckless, shameless wench trying to besmirch the good name of a good man.

I’m bettin’ that’s true.  May take a while to be proven, but I’m bettin’….

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Married Obama’s Gay Blow-Job in a Chicago Limo

Nov 04 2011 Published by under salt

Where are all Barack Obama’s old girlfriends?  Ever wonder?  Not a SINGLE BIMBO ERUPTION.  Not one woman can be found to dish bedding America’s first black President?  Really?  NOT ONE???????????????????? The National Enquirer tried to drum up some kind of mistress last summer, but…

Larry Sinclair claims he blew Barry in the back of a limo in Chicago in (I think it was 2006. It’s been a while since I read the book, but it was defintely post-Michelle), and that cocaine was Barry’s preferred Viagra.

This guy has the name of the hotel, the address, the limo company, receipts, witnesses who can testify they were both there at the time, on and on, and on… He’s not an Ivy league anonymous female giving Politico vague complaints of non-touching, non-naked gestures, but hey… He’s a criminal, right? Has a rap sheet a mile long. Yes, he does.

But the collateral evidence surrounding this guy’s claim is one hell of a lot more solid than the ones against Herman Cain.

UPDATE 01/29/2012:  In the time since I originally posted this, I recall reading somewhere on-line that the date of the alleged limo blow job was in 1999.  Which still makes him a married Obama.  Guess he took that whole “party like it’s 1999″ thing seriously.

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Cain Accuser “Wary” of Scrutiny – DUH.

Nov 02 2011 Published by under salt

AP is now reporting the supposedly chomping-at-the-bit-with-righteous-indignation-gold-digging-tart is now ‘wary’ of coming forward with her bullsh*t claim on Herman Cain.


Her story is CRAP and she knows it can’t stand scrutiny.  How much more CONVENIENT to hide behind vague innuendo, right?

I have been all over The Politico, Real Clear, everywhere I could leave a comment DARING this woman, BEGGING this woman to come forward.  Know why?

Because I knew it was CRAP.  

I KNEW her story was CRAP because I know this:

If you rely on the conservative maxim that more speech is the answer to the ‘problem’ of free speech it never, ever, ever fails people of principle…

and sends those not so situated scurrying back into the dark where they belong.

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Herman’s “10 Day” / “57″ State Problem Explained

Nov 02 2011 Published by under salt

99% of America either:

(1.) Doesn’t follow the hour-to-hour developments on the ‘non-sexual’-but-’offensive gesture’-sex-’harassment‘-non-story, which is now what the Establishment analysts of both Parties (technically correctly) describe as a process’ vs. ‘substance’ problem.   It’s now become HOW Herman answers the questions, NOT a story on the veracity of the original charge in the first place. 

(2.) Yup… But even if his answers are ‘evolving’… Nobody cares!

Know why?  Because NORMAL people think like Herman did, which is what got him in this mess. 

Herman thought the truth would set him free. That’s why, even thought he had a heads up about this, he didn’t assemble a team of ‘Spinners.’

I firmly believe he thought he could just tell the truth… as he remembered it… coming back to him, as it understandably would after 12 years, in ever-more detailed bits…

I am personally troubled by the fact that Herman failed the ‘emergency on the trail’ management test, yes, I am.  But I am unmoved by it because I know, down to my bones, that it was a mistake made by an honorable man, who – and this is the real core of this – until he’d touched the Progressive Power grid, didn’t realize the voltage of that evil.  What’s new, is that the Establishment G.O.P. contributed to the electric shock.

Now he knows D.C. in this unique moment in time, when we have a culture, helped along by Obama, of pitting American against American… and Establishment (read: CORRUPT) GOP against New (read: HONORABLE) Tea Party.

My man Herman’s a fast learner.  He’ll not make this mistake again.  On the trail…

…Or in the White House.

BTW:  Remember Obama’s horrible, dreadful, inexplicable FLUB on drivers’ licenses for illegals during the ’08 campaign debates?  A flub made even though Hillary had been burned in the previous debate?  Nobody on MSNBC regarded Obama’s LACK OF FRIGGING DEBATE PREPARATION – KNOWING HE WOULD GET THE DAMNED QUESTION as DISQUALIFYING, did they?

UPDATE:  Morning Joe is jumping all over Herman for a clip they played of him which, to their ear, indicated that Herman thought China didn’t have nukes.  Uh… No, you dishonest brokers.  He’s using the normal, vernacular short-hand that everybody uses which is to describe they ability to nuke us from there.  Got it?

UPDATE II:  Just while writing the above paragraph, Andrea Mitchell and the panel lamented that the Republican Party is giving Herman ‘a pass’ and ‘not asking the questions’ they should ask…

Someone find me a puppy so I can kick it! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!



Pass?  GETTING A PASS, ANDREA????????????????????????

You mean like you gave Obama ‘I’ve been to 57 states so far’ A PASS?????

And that’s not even the WORST, STUPID thing he’s said, before OR AFTER the White House!

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BRILLIANT Evisceration of Cain Story

Oct 31 2011 Published by under salt

 When I grow up, can I be NewsBusters?

These guys ROCK.

Everything you need to know about the Herman Cain non-story is here.

Read it if you dare ;)

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