Krugman & Catnip

Oct 30 2011 Published by under salt

Humorless people can be fun – if you stop caring about them being humorless and just mercilessly f*ck with them.

Late last night, punchy, from having just read through a very dense academic paper on the beauty of confiscatory taxation recommended by HuffPo, I popped over the NYT to see what the Sunday opinion pages would look like upon waking.

Paul Krugman, always dependable, posted yet another veddy, veddy smart piece trying to make an academic excuse for what we all know is true:  Until this President, who keeps promising to do a tax colonoscopy on anyone capable of hiring is removed from Office, this economy is stalled.  Everyone is just treading water trying to survive until 2013 and everyone who doesn’t have their head firmly planted up their a** knows this.

It does not require a single graduate class to know this.

It simply requires common friggin’ sense.

Which is why this comment, dripping with sarcasm got posted.

Like I said, humorless people are fun. Posting comments like this is like a kitty playing with catnip.  Predictable outcome, every time.  It’s just vague enough to look like I believe the drivel being peddled, and just sarcastic enough to fly under their deeply crippled humor radar. If you want to read the piece that inspired the comment below, yet another gravity-defying Krugman piece, the hallmark of which is economic theory utterly untethered to human impulses, it’s here.

20111029 NYT Krug Sarcastic Comment

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Can’t Send a Boy…

May 23 2011 Published by under salt

…to do a man’s job. Clearly they let some wet-behind-the-ears newbie edit the reader comments at The Times this morning or somebody had a bad ice cube last night.

I can’t believe they published this comment of mine beneath Elbow-Patch Krugboy’s latest literary fiction.

krug greece

The piece in question is here ->

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Krug Comment OBVIOUSLY Confused Them…

May 18 2011 Published by under salt

…otherwise, they wouldn’t have published it.

NYT KRUGMAN comment 20110518 by anniefieldsUSA

It’s been sort of an experiment of mine over the last week to see if the comments I submit to the NYT, if sufficiently vague, will be published more often than those that are in opposition to the the article in question.

Guess what happens?


I consider it a personal challenge to craft them such that I am simultaneously: not lying, not dishonest, not laudatory, and as a bonus, just complex enough to make the poor kid vetting them think ‘I can’t let anybody know I’m not smart enough to really get the gist of this so I’ll publish it.’

Just call me an evil genius.


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Dr. Eeyore Krugman is “Glass 1/2 Empty” Again

May 18 2011 Published by under salt

Once again, the big-brave-unafraid-to-have-their-assertions-challenged HE MEN at the New York Times will not publish a comment of mine (I’ll bet my house) so I thought I’d do it here. Parenthetically, I’ve cut & pasted quotes from their OWN NEWSPAPER, politely, and with links, using my best Queen’s English and they never, ever, publish those. It’s such a stupid thing to complain about but jeez. Have some stones!

Anyway… I digress. Krugman’s latest is pointing out… wait for it… hypocrisy… Yawn…


He’s obviously got his marching orders from Plouffe that it’s Santorum’s turn to get taken down so he points out something incredibly stupid he said in 2003. Yup. Dumb thing to say. My (never to be published, I’m sure, comment) is below:

Rules from childhood:

1. ‘Johnny did it too.’ doesn’t fly with Mom. You can’t point at Johnny as an excuse. You’ll get ‘If Johnny jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?’ from an exasperated Mom.

2. ‘Johnny did it first.’ ALSO doesn’t fly with Mom. You can’t point at Johnny as an excuse. You’ll get ‘If Johnny jumped off a cliff, AND WENT SPLAT would you BE SO STUPID as to do that too?’ from an exasperated Mom.

Republican or Democrat, R or D, is sooooooooooo last century. Promiscuity with the people’s money has been so pervasive in BOTH parties for so long that pointing at R or D is now officially passe. It’s time for INDIVIDUALS to be held accountable and VOTE THEM OUT. There’s no such thing as ‘collective’ salvation OR blame anymore. When you DIE you go to the Pearly Gates ALONE, St. Peter doesn’t call a (political) party of 5… or 535. Or 300+Million Americans. YOU ARE JUDGED ALONE.

And Eeyore? Hear his voice in your head saying “Oh nooooooo… It’ll never work…” and you will understand the ‘glass is half-empty’ ‘all GOP are evil’ ethos that oozes off him like the smell of vodka the morning after a hard night of drinking.


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Me not Thee / Thee not Me

May 08 2011 Published by under salt

Below is a comment I just submitted to another stain on Krugman’s insufferable blog… er… I mean, a comment I just submitted to a post on The Conscience of a Liberal (as if there were such a thing).  If it’s not published there, I wanted to be sure it was published here:

Having it both ways? You know what OTHER VSP’s (very special people) had it both ways? John Maynard Keynes, your hero. Me not thee economics was his m.o. in private. He invested. Carefully & well. Know who else was a me not thee? MARX ferkrissakes. He was sustained by wealth accrued through capitalism, which was available to be FREELY given to him (as opposed to FORCIBLY by taxation) to sit on his a** and screw up the world. The BIGGEST me not thee of today? THE OBAMA FAMILY. If it weren’t for a couple of rich white women who lunch, Obama’s father would never have met Obama’s mother. Because of their rich capitalist husbands’ money, available to them to be FREELY GIVEN, they bankrolled much of Obama Senior’s Excellent Adventure in America. Funny, I don’t recall Obama ever making an example of their philanthropy or THANKING THEM for their generosity in a speech. You’d think he’d have their children to the White House for a photo-op, you know? But why would he? Since he started making BIG money on his book, he’s not given a single friggin’ DIME to his welfare aunt here in Boston who lives 100% off our tax money. Brother’s Keeper? THEE NOT ME!


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