Nov 19 2011

Herman’s not done.

It seems like it, because of all the unbelievably dishonest reporting going on.

The latest is that he’s an ignoramous because he suggested that there’s Taliban in Libya.


Seems there is.  And no less a liberal rag than The Los Angeles Times had a headline stating that very fact last April.  I Googled “Taliban in Libya” and it was the second result.  Second!  Do these “reporters” ever fact-check?  Do they ever think?  Do they ever think that we fact-check? 

Besides, everybody paying attention knew, and knows, that the “rebels” are a very sketchy bunch.  It’s hardly a stretch to assume that one flavor of West-hating jihadi wouldn’t be happy to put aside their ancestral hatred of another flavor of West-hating jihadi who has been their traditional mortal enemy – just long enough to kill a mutual third enemy.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend even when we’re talking about jihadis. They’ll team up for firepower just long enough to kill whomever it is they both hate, smug in the assumption that they’ll get the upper hand on their temporary ally when their usefulness has expired – and just kill them.

Happens all the time.


Anyway… Back to my original point.

Herman’s not done.  It’s been ticking around in the back of my brain all day, so persistently I had to commit it publicly.

He may surprise everyone in Iowa.  Iowa doesn’t like Mitt.  He’s blown them off and they know it.  Newt hasn’t been in the state for 5 minutes.  And from what I hear, every Iowan that’s met Herman loves him – and we all know it’s retail politics that wins.  The other candidates may have been better ground games, but Iowans don’t like them.

They love Herman.

I expect 2nd in Iowa.  Not confidently, but I think it’s a fair shot. Perhaps 3rd.  He won’t win it.

He will place  3rd in New Hampshire.  He will not win it.  At this point the entire media establishment will write his obituary.

He will then go on to win South Carolina and Florida.

Remember where you read it first ;)

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