RQ-170 Drone in Iran = E.M.P. U.S.A.?

Dec 05 2011

According to Fox News, Iran has one of our unmanned drones and thus, can backwards engineer it.  This is very disquieting.  These people are insane… and damned near nuclear.  If you’ve ever read “One Second After” it’s not hard to feel a chill thinking about how they could load up a drone with a nuke and use it as an EMP over America.

Scares the hell out of me, seriously.

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  • Anonymous

    When you changed Iraq to Iran in your story, you also changed it in my response, making my letter confusing.

  • Anonymous

    You shouldn’t get your information from Fox News. Studies show that people become less informed by following Fox News.

    The drone crashed in Iran.

    That’s not the same country as Iran.

    You wouldn’t be so afraid if you were more knowledgeable about current affairs.

    As an American you would be more embarrassed.

    • http://www.saltusa.com Annie Ashe Fields

      Egad. That WAS a ghastly error, and quite embarrassing.

      Thank you for being so kind as to point it out and so polite doing it.

      I’m most grateful.

      Happy to look at anything at all you would like to forward me for my edification.