Crowd Source Blues

Oct 08 2011 Published by under salt

Remember when Sarah Palin’s emails were released?  You know… Sarah Palin who holds no political office whatsoever… but the NYT and every other progressive rag ‘crowd sourced’ the public to paw through them like it was some noble idea to save the world from right-wing evil in old emails… then found ZIP-NOTHING-NADA?

The White House did a 1,000 page document dump of emails, etc. last night regarding Solyndra… You know… the HALF BILLION crony-capitalism-green-hell- eco-justice boondoggle of Obama’s?  A HALF BILLION of the PEOPLE’$ MONEY just flushed down the compost toilet for a project EVERYBODY KNEW was based on the super-smart-genius business model of making something that cost $6, selling it for $3, then hoping the super-smart-genius-magic-math fairy would make ‘enough’ profit to be sustainable but not so much as to be immoral to the super-smart-genius-benevolent-despots who slimed it through?

How come we’re not being called upon to crowd source THAT?  Hmmmmm?????

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Almost Right

Oct 08 2011 Published by under salt

While I agree with the whole of the this – yet another brilliant article at American Thinker ‘Palin’s Withdrawal Means Obama Wins’ - I disagree with the headline.  I think the writer underestimates the anti-Obama impulse of the conservative base, no matter how progressive the GOP nominee.  I, for one, will install Mickey Mouse in the Oval Office if it means removing Obama, but for now, while there is hope, I am throwing my support behind Herman Cain, in deed, wallet, and word. (You can set up a recurring donation at his website.  Maybe $25 – or even $50 – out of every payday?  Could you?)

The article is here ->

BTW:  If you don’t read American Thinker every single day, you are impoverished – truly.  DO IT.

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Sarah Palin FORGED Obama’s Signature!

May 24 2011 Published by under salt

Obama allegedly signed the guest book at Westminster Abbey, today, 2008… but it’s 2011, right? So… Obviously it’s photoshopped or forged because Obama is the smartest President ever elected. Sarah Palin is the only politician stupid enough to get a date wrong! Obviously she’s responsible one way or another.  Right?



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15,000 at Cain Event! WOW!

May 22 2011 Published by under salt

From The American Thinker:

‘…The impressive size and staggering energy of the 15 thousand folks at Olympic Centennial Park gave the rally the feel of a winning movement. Sure, I am hardly objective. However, as a veteran of political rallies and campaigns off and on since 1980 — and a sometimes operative since 1992 — I do not reach that conclusion lightly. Frankly, I’ve never been to a political event that had this energy. The closest thing I can think of to describe it was the televised introduction of Sarah Palin in September of 2008 and a Reagan rally I attended in 1980 in Columbia, S.C.’

‘He don’t lie. He don’t lie. He’ don’t lie…. GO CAIN!

Read the entire article here ->

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“Palin is ‘Dumb’” …Really?

May 21 2011 Published by under salt

I am voting for Herman Cain, all the way, even if Palin jumps in, so this is NOT a Palin endorsement, but she is NO DUMMY.

Palin wouldn’t have:

1. Said ‘corpse-man’ as COMMANDER IN CHIEF not 1x, not 2x, but THREE TIMES in 90 seconds READING OFF A TELEPROMPTER.

2. Any A**HOLE could spend A TRILLION DOLLARS and create jobs… EXCEPT OBAMA. BLS data shows precisely the OPPOSITE of what Bam-Bam touts. He says we ‘gained’ 2.7 million jobs. We LOST 2.65 million jobs from Jan ’09 – Jan ’11.

3. Palin wouldn’t have led both houses of congress HALF WAY into the NEXT FISCAL YEAR without a budget then BLAME IT ON THE OTHER GUYS.

4. Palin would NOT have us in Libya then tell Congress to f*ck-off when LEGALLY BOUND within 60 days to get their permission. And he’s a lawyer!

5. And speaking of telling our friends to f*ck off… ISRAEL. Palin understands the maxim ‘If Palestine laid down its weapons, there’d be no war. If Israel laid down its weapons there’d be no Israel.’

6. Palin wouldn’t have shut off WATER over a bait fish; which is bad enough, but Bam-Bam also stopped the flow of MONEY to the Central Valley of CA which struck me as over-the-top despotic. It was the FIRST TIME federal water had been shut off COMPLETELY, and he piles on by taking away money, too! America gets HALF of ALL its fruits, nuts, and vegetables from there. The lack of water killed vines it took A HUNDRED YEARS to cultivate, putting 45% of America’s farmers in FOOD-LINES in RICHEST FARMLAND IN AMERICA. There are LITERALLY tumbleweeds blowing though there… between the SOLAR FARMS being erected on the 250,000 acres of now fallow, once fertile, farmland. Solar farms, installed by Bam-Bam & Pelosi’s eco-terrorist friends…

7. Palin wouldn’t shut down oil and refinery activity in Texas over a lizard.

8. Palin wouldn’t have shut down ALL DRILLING IN GULF OF MEXICO. Even in SHALLOW WATERS. The problem with the Deepwater Horizon was the eco-terrorists wouldn’t let us drill SAFELY in SHALLOW WATER where we don’t need go*damned ROBOTS to kill a leak.

That’s just off the top of my head.


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NYT FINALLY Waking Up to the Reality of “Death Panels”

Apr 20 2011 Published by under salt

Medicare Panel Runs Into Bipartisan Opposition –

April 19, 2011

Obama Panel to Curb Medicare

Finds Foes in Both Parties


WASHINGTON — Democrats and Republicans are joining to oppose one of the

most important features of President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan, a

powerful independent board that could make sweeping cuts in the growth of

Medicare spending.

Mr. Obama wants to expand the power of the 15-member panel, which was… (click link above to read more)


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