Fluke Flopped. Enter Flynt.

Apr 02 2012 Published by under salt

The co-ordination between Wee George Stephanopolous, Anita Dunn, and Sandra Fluke having been uncovered, and the American electorate, thankfully, not buying their cynical ploy, the White House has evidently shifted their “War on Women” strategy to porn (hence the reference to Larry Flynt).

NYT was all over naked ladies yesterday.

MSNBC is all over naked ladies today.

Cue Obama to swoop in and save women from themselves.

“Here, put this on.  It’s an organic robe, dearie.”

These people are GENIUS propagandists.

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Nick Kristof’s Vicious Circle of Unreality

Mar 08 2012 Published by under salt

It’s breathtaking the lengths The New York Times will go to, to be or to remain utterly untethered to reality.  Nick Kristof has a piece this morning (In Athens, Austerity’s Ugliness) wherein he seriously attempts to assert that Greece is proof that Keynes was RIGHT and that their difficulties lay NOT in government’s gross, gluttonous consumption of tax dollars but in… corruption… specifically the greed of the government officials who wanted more and more the the public tax dollar… which, of course, brings us right back to government’s gluttonous consumption of tax dollars which is EXACTLY what Keynes endorsed, so I’m not sure how Nick thought he was going to get out of this circle, but God bless him, he tried.

The comment I left there – we’ll see if they publish it – is below:

“…a tax bill of, say, $100,000, you pay $40,000 to the state…”

Uh – Isn’t that the same 39.5% Obama has us scheduled for starting January 1?

“Republicans are right to see in Greece some perils of an overgenerous government: The state sector was bloated, early retirements and pensions were sometimes absurd, and rigid labor markets undermined Greece’s competitiveness.”

Uh – Isn’t that EXACTLY what Obama is proposing vis-a-vis unions, and the “fair shake” “fair shot” and “secure retirement” Obama promises in a second term? Because he SURELY isn’t talking about LESS government spending on the middle class in order to insure middle-class workers have “security.”

“But the problem was not a welfare state — Greece has much less of a safety net than northern Europe. Rather, it was corruption, inefficiency and a system in which laws are optional.”

Uh – Couldn’t it be BOTH? And aren’t we NECK DEEP in similar (if not quite equal) corruption HERE?

Do you HONESTLY believe if Greece had an across the board 10% tax with a minimal welfare state they’d be in this fix? Because most people *I* know would be HAPPY to pay a “fair” percentage of their income – HAPPILY – for the privilege of living in America without any efforts to evade it AT ALL. It’s the CONSIFSCATORY nature of the taxes, sir. NOT THE TAXES THEMSELVES. Then, it’s the WASTE and INNEFICIENCY of what government DOES with those taxes that leads to this.

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The Prophylactic on the Truth: The Ribbed NYT Brand

Feb 11 2012 Published by under salt

These people are seriously deeeeeranged.  They can’t be this dishonest, can they?  Or think that we are this stupid?  How are such super-smaht people this stricken with goo where their mental acuity should be?

The NYT posted yet another “life, liberty and free condoms are your constitutional right” piece, this time as an NYT editorial.

I felt compelled to comment, below.  They won’t publish it, so I am publishing here:

There’s no love lost between me and the Catholic Church of my upbringing, but to frame this as a “right” to birth control argument is fatuous and dishonest, even for wicked smaht liberals like you guys, who gas up the place with fatuous and dishonest every minute of every damned day.

It doesn’t MATTER what YOU think. It matters what THE CHURCH thinks, and THEY think directing A SINGLE PENNY in SUPPORT of abortion/contraception is WRONG and it DOESN’T MATTER if Obama uses some bullish*t bookkeeping trick as a fig leaf.

He’s reached his big fat federal hand into the sanctuary of faith and you know it. Just own up to it ferkryssakes, and make an honest argument. But this? This is beneath even you.


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NYT “The Republican Contest” Comment

Jan 11 2012 Published by under salt

I can’t stomach digesting every word of a NYT editorial, so I admit I just skimmed this one, but my eye landed on the weary phrase “failed policies of the past” and it set me off.  Here was a comment I posted there, which they will probably not publish:

This “failed policies of the past” meme has got to stop. It’s not the lovers of big government who spent $15T. Conservative Tea Party types have this madcap notion that crappy companies should be allowed to fail – How do you know Ford wouldn’t have BOUGHT GM and made it even BETTER? When you interfere with the operations of the market, you deny the opportunity for entrepreneurship to flourish.

We also have this madcap idea that WE know how to spend our money on retirement, tuition, healthcare, and mortgages better than the Feds. 

If you’d read the archives of your own d*mned paper, you would be able to track the evolution of the healthcare costs skyrocketing directly, and I would argue as a causation not merely corollary, that it wasn’t until “hospital insurance” was foisted on employers in the 1950′s that medical costs became utterly untenable. Once a third party paying the unknown price tab was involved, it skyrocketed.

My grandfather was a physician in MA for 50 years. The dining table I grew up eating on was handcrafted in mahogany as payment for delivering a craftsman’s eighth child. It was given to my mother and will be given to me, someday.

People managed. They figured it out. THEY TOOK CARE OF THEIR OWN, IN THEIR OWN BACKYARDS.

It didn’t all go to sh*t until Kennedy & progressive Republicans got in there and mucked it all up.

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The Fast & Furious investigation? It’s not that Agent Terry was killed. It’s because I’m black.

Dec 18 2011 Published by under salt

From this morning’s New York Times:

“…Mr. Holder said he believed that a few — the ‘more extreme segment’ — were motivated by animus against Mr. Obama and that he served as a stand-in for him. ‘This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,’ he said, ‘both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.’”

Wow. Wouldn’t want to train the mind-blowing, gargantuan, damned near biblical power of your shared narcissism on a little self-reflection & personal responsibility there, wouldja Eric-the-Great? Bam-Bam the Destroyer?


Jeezuz… What does it take to get these people to understand that (Read this s-l-o-w-l-y if you are an Eric Holder acolyte) A-N  A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N  A-G-E-N-T  I-S  D-E-A-D.  He-was-your-employee.  You-should-be-unhappy-aggrieved-worried-activated to be sure the mistakes that led to his death are rectified and not repeated.


If you’re not eating breakfast and can stomach it, the story is here.

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Krugman & Catnip

Oct 30 2011 Published by under salt

Humorless people can be fun – if you stop caring about them being humorless and just mercilessly f*ck with them.

Late last night, punchy, from having just read through a very dense academic paper on the beauty of confiscatory taxation recommended by HuffPo, I popped over the NYT to see what the Sunday opinion pages would look like upon waking.

Paul Krugman, always dependable, posted yet another veddy, veddy smart piece trying to make an academic excuse for what we all know is true:  Until this President, who keeps promising to do a tax colonoscopy on anyone capable of hiring is removed from Office, this economy is stalled.  Everyone is just treading water trying to survive until 2013 and everyone who doesn’t have their head firmly planted up their a** knows this.

It does not require a single graduate class to know this.

It simply requires common friggin’ sense.

Which is why this comment, dripping with sarcasm got posted.

Like I said, humorless people are fun. Posting comments like this is like a kitty playing with catnip.  Predictable outcome, every time.  It’s just vague enough to look like I believe the drivel being peddled, and just sarcastic enough to fly under their deeply crippled humor radar. If you want to read the piece that inspired the comment below, yet another gravity-defying Krugman piece, the hallmark of which is economic theory utterly untethered to human impulses, it’s here.

20111029 NYT Krug Sarcastic Comment

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Crowd Source Blues

Oct 08 2011 Published by under salt

Remember when Sarah Palin’s emails were released?  You know… Sarah Palin who holds no political office whatsoever… but the NYT and every other progressive rag ‘crowd sourced’ the public to paw through them like it was some noble idea to save the world from right-wing evil in old emails… then found ZIP-NOTHING-NADA?

The White House did a 1,000 page document dump of emails, etc. last night regarding Solyndra… You know… the HALF BILLION crony-capitalism-green-hell- eco-justice boondoggle of Obama’s?  A HALF BILLION of the PEOPLE’$ MONEY just flushed down the compost toilet for a project EVERYBODY KNEW was based on the super-smart-genius business model of making something that cost $6, selling it for $3, then hoping the super-smart-genius-magic-math fairy would make ‘enough’ profit to be sustainable but not so much as to be immoral to the super-smart-genius-benevolent-despots who slimed it through?

How come we’re not being called upon to crowd source THAT?  Hmmmmm?????

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Racist, Soulless Hypocrites at NYT

Sep 25 2011 Published by under salt

Occasionally I try little thought experiments with the comment editors at The New York Times just to see how veddy-veddy serious they are about being breathtaking hypocrites.  I mean, they’re so predictable it’s really not fair.  I’m like a cat with a mouse.

I decided to do it again when they published the headline Herman Cain Wins Straw Poll because I knew it would make no sense whatsoever to them.

Gosh, they never fail to disappoint, those lil’ rascally proggies. Look at the (entirely insincere) comment of mine they posted below. I can’t believe they actually posted it. Well, then again, maybe I can.

nyt herman cain redneck comment punk

Sad. Very, very sad.

Link to the article in question is here -> http://community.nytimes.com/comments/thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/24/herman-cain-wins-florida-straw-poll/

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What the NYT Thinks of You

Jul 02 2011 Published by under salt

From The New York Times.  It doesn’t matter what the ‘all of the above’ refers to to understand the writer’s conclusion about you:

All of the above only fortifies Bachmann’s position with a Republican base that would eat dog food for breakfast if the government said you should not.

Nice, huh?

They’re taking their masks off.  They’re not even trying to hide their evil now.  Buckle up, gang.  It’s only going to get worse.

The ‘writer’s’ entire load of bitter, snarky, evil propaganda is here: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/01/conservative-cash-crop/

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Can’t Send a Boy…

May 23 2011 Published by under salt

…to do a man’s job. Clearly they let some wet-behind-the-ears newbie edit the reader comments at The Times this morning or somebody had a bad ice cube last night.

I can’t believe they published this comment of mine beneath Elbow-Patch Krugboy’s latest literary fiction.

krug greece

The piece in question is here -> http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/23/opinion/23krugman.html

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27 of 40 NYT Herman Cain Comments NEGATIVE

May 21 2011 Published by under salt

May 21, 2011, 1:53 PM
Former Pizza Executive Joins Presidential Race
Herman Cain, who made his fortune pitching soda, burgers and pizza before turning to politics, declared himself a candidate on Saturday for something that few others seem to want these days: the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

Those cuddly rascals at The Times! No condescending, patronizing there, huh?

Well, they FINALLY published one of my POSITIVE reader comments.  27 of the 40 that were in just now were negative. I happened to be on line the moment the story went up and for about two hours afterwards when I kept dropping back in on that page.  They published the first comment within minutes of the story going live and it was a snarky one from Texas…then nothing. Zip – for two hours.  Then I come back now around 8:45 and they’ve got 40 up, mostly negative (which, really, is unsurprising given the readership… but...) One could speculate…

Were they deluged with so many POSITIVE comments they had to WAIT to get enough NEGATIVE ones to fit the narrative?

My bet is ‘yes.’

cain comment pub

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Silence is DEAFENING

May 21 2011 Published by under salt

You MUST pay attention to what’s NOT there, because it’s CRITICALLY important.

NOBODY on MSNBC is talking about Herman Cain. Know why? BECAUSE HE’S OBAMA’S WORST NIGHTMARE.

Be aware: Every candidate they MOCK or give “faux” fear to is a candidate they think they can beat. Every candidate they ignore, is a candidate that scares them TO DEATH, and that candidate is Herman Cain. Know why?

They have no argument without the race card. Without the race card, what’s Obama gonna run on? His record.

*snort* Yeah. Right. Like THAT’S a plan! No.

Obama is utterly f*cking LEGLESS against Herman Cain. Herman came from nothing, made something of himself and isn’t BITTER about being black. He LOVES AMERICA and it pours out of him when you hear him speak. He’s actually had to make a payroll. Obama thinks tax credits for green copy machines is actual help for businesses in recession. Please…

In the same way Bibi took Obama to school on Israel in front of the whole world yesterday, Herman will take Obama to school on what it’s like to be AN AMERICAN IN AMERICA.

Obama doesn’t have the first goddamned clue, the bitter, hateful, p.o.s.

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May 21 2011 Published by under salt

OVERHEARD in the NYT Comments Editorial Cubicle, where they screen incoming Reader Comments before they publish them:

(Dial tone. Ring.) ‘Hello? Hi. It’s Jane down in Comments. Look, we’ve had this ‘Mass Health Reform Doesn’t S*ck No Matter What the Critics Say’ up on the website taking comments for a while and I can’t find a single one I can publish. What? What’s wrong with them? Well, sir, they all say we’re full of sh*t. Who? Well, sir, they’re all from Massachusetts… (silence… waiting… *sigh*) Okay. I’ll just shut her down with 0 Reader Comments.’

ocomments with arrows v2

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Humorless People are Fun For Kitties to Play With

May 19 2011 Published by under salt

You can always count on progressives to be humorless… and riddled with A.D.D. Did the comments editor at The New York Times not read this whole thing? Or leave their sarcasm detector at home? Both? The Times published this comment of mine, thick with sarcasm, but evidently not thick enough. *snort* To paraphrase the president: ‘Let me be clear’:

Global Warming is cr*p and is merely a tool to advance a progressive agenda.

Green isn’t the goal. It’s the means.




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Krug Comment OBVIOUSLY Confused Them…

May 18 2011 Published by under salt

…otherwise, they wouldn’t have published it.

NYT KRUGMAN comment 20110518 by anniefieldsUSA

It’s been sort of an experiment of mine over the last week to see if the comments I submit to the NYT, if sufficiently vague, will be published more often than those that are in opposition to the the article in question.

Guess what happens?


I consider it a personal challenge to craft them such that I am simultaneously: not lying, not dishonest, not laudatory, and as a bonus, just complex enough to make the poor kid vetting them think ‘I can’t let anybody know I’m not smart enough to really get the gist of this so I’ll publish it.’

Just call me an evil genius.


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