Morning Joe and Fox & Friends are OFF

Nov 16 2011 Published by under salt

I can’t take it anymore; the lying - just flat-out lying, which is bad enough, and frequent enough, every quarter-hour in fact, but the fun-house mirror bullsh*t that flies out of people’s mouths unchecked and unchallenged by a single one of the 4 or 5 people around the table who should know better, has reached critical mass for me.  It’s just no longer tolerable.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, that communist tart, and I mean both communist & tart quite literally – and can prove the former – uttered the phrase “They’re a destructive force, not a constructive one” just as I flipped over to Morning Joe.  I was shocked.  Silly me. I thought she was referring to OWS… She was referring to House Tea Party Republicans! AHHHHH!

That tore it.

That utterance was so, clearly, demonstrably, provably, upside-goddamned-down insane, such a gross, ugly, willful perversion of the prima-f*cking-facie truth, I snapped.

Time to save my blood-pressure, health in general, and sanity. Time for a lifestyle change.  Time to just listen to some ’70′s music and mellow the f*ck out.

I usually spend the hours between 6am and 9am flipping between Morning Joe & Fox & Friends.  The former to see what sort of propaganda we have to fight, and the latter in the hope I might actually learn something from some actual reporting or analysis.

They’ve both devolved into intolerable cr*p.  Fox, less so, because at least they have “The Polynesian Pitbull,” Michelle Malkin on, or, occasionally Dr. Thomas Sowell, who is a national treasure.  But since Glenn Beck left the network, they’ve lost their balls.  Just flat-out lost ‘em.

And can we get the Fox women out of the Saturday Night Fever wardrobe rejects and into some f*cking St. John? Please????  You mean to tell me they can’t work a couture credit and make these women look decent?  Really? They dress them up like whores.

I’m disgusted with the whole lot of them.

Tantrum over.

Now back to my commercial-free, all 1970′s HD radio station.

Rock out.

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What “R” & “D” Mean to OWS

Nov 07 2011 Published by under salt

If all the rich lefties on television think Occupy Wall Street isn’t a dangerous roving mob, they’d better wake up.  Rapidly.

They’re not animated by ‘D’ for ‘Democrat.’  They’re not going to mob-walk to rich Republicans’ Manhattan townhouses while walking past George Soros’ townhouse forever.  They’re just targeting the ‘least-friendlies’ first.

They’re animated by ‘Rage.’  That’s the ‘R’ we all need to worry about.

Obama’s fixed-pie demagoguery has worked.  They really believe that because Bill Gates made $100,000 in interest just while sleeping last night, they are $100,000 poorer.

Marxism’s evil really is beautiful, isn’t it?  You have to admire it.

Yeah… Well, the Marxist OWS cheerleaders on MSNBC may well be ‘admiring’ it while dialing 911 for a ‘pig’ to come clear their front door of the OWS mob when they show up for their ‘fair share.’  Here’s a clue, kids:  Your Manhattan doorman might save you in New York, but they know where your country house is, too.

Let me help you, Mika, etc.  Walking out on the front porch and saying, ‘But…  but… I like you!  I’m one of you.’ doesn’t change the their lyin’ eyes.  You’re not one of them. You have stuff they want and it’s only fair they take it.

Got it?

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Herman’s “10 Day” / “57″ State Problem Explained

Nov 02 2011 Published by under salt

99% of America either:

(1.) Doesn’t follow the hour-to-hour developments on the ‘non-sexual’-but-’offensive gesture’-sex-’harassment‘-non-story, which is now what the Establishment analysts of both Parties (technically correctly) describe as a process’ vs. ‘substance’ problem.   It’s now become HOW Herman answers the questions, NOT a story on the veracity of the original charge in the first place. 

(2.) Yup… But even if his answers are ‘evolving’… Nobody cares!

Know why?  Because NORMAL people think like Herman did, which is what got him in this mess. 

Herman thought the truth would set him free. That’s why, even thought he had a heads up about this, he didn’t assemble a team of ‘Spinners.’

I firmly believe he thought he could just tell the truth… as he remembered it… coming back to him, as it understandably would after 12 years, in ever-more detailed bits…

I am personally troubled by the fact that Herman failed the ‘emergency on the trail’ management test, yes, I am.  But I am unmoved by it because I know, down to my bones, that it was a mistake made by an honorable man, who – and this is the real core of this – until he’d touched the Progressive Power grid, didn’t realize the voltage of that evil.  What’s new, is that the Establishment G.O.P. contributed to the electric shock.

Now he knows D.C. in this unique moment in time, when we have a culture, helped along by Obama, of pitting American against American… and Establishment (read: CORRUPT) GOP against New (read: HONORABLE) Tea Party.

My man Herman’s a fast learner.  He’ll not make this mistake again.  On the trail…

…Or in the White House.

BTW:  Remember Obama’s horrible, dreadful, inexplicable FLUB on drivers’ licenses for illegals during the ’08 campaign debates?  A flub made even though Hillary had been burned in the previous debate?  Nobody on MSNBC regarded Obama’s LACK OF FRIGGING DEBATE PREPARATION – KNOWING HE WOULD GET THE DAMNED QUESTION as DISQUALIFYING, did they?

UPDATE:  Morning Joe is jumping all over Herman for a clip they played of him which, to their ear, indicated that Herman thought China didn’t have nukes.  Uh… No, you dishonest brokers.  He’s using the normal, vernacular short-hand that everybody uses which is to describe they ability to nuke us from there.  Got it?

UPDATE II:  Just while writing the above paragraph, Andrea Mitchell and the panel lamented that the Republican Party is giving Herman ‘a pass’ and ‘not asking the questions’ they should ask…

Someone find me a puppy so I can kick it! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!



Pass?  GETTING A PASS, ANDREA????????????????????????

You mean like you gave Obama ‘I’ve been to 57 states so far’ A PASS?????

And that’s not even the WORST, STUPID thing he’s said, before OR AFTER the White House!

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EASY Prediction for Ya, ‘Lil Mika!

Nov 01 2011 Published by under salt

 Poor Mika Brzezinski.

She and Morning Joe are falling all over themselves trying to make a story out of the the nothing-burger* Herman Cain story by attacking HOW he is answering the questions, with no self-awareness of how they went to bat for Anthony Weiner who tweeted pictures of his hard d*ck to a college girl – when he had just found out his wife was expecting their first child, no less – just a few months ago, and you know what?

One week from today there will be polls showing the standings nearly unchanged AND fundraising for Cain UP (when we get money reports – which don’t have to be filed until the end of the quarter, but I’ll bet we get some anecdotal / tangential testimony to that effect).

Remember where you read it first ;)

BTW:  It’s a family joke that my husband makes a lousy philanderer because the first thing he does is talk about his wife.  He’ll be alone at a bar out on the road having dinner or something and that’s the first thing he’ll do!  (Being a salesman, he’ll talk to a post, anyone who will stand still long enough to listen!  Happily, he’s charming!) But it’s funny that Herman Cain’s big deal involves him remarking on the height of the woman in question – by comparing it to his wife’s!

*Remember, so far we have a girl who was ‘offended’ by ‘non-sexual’ ‘gestures’ and got a fly-swatter of a payment of ‘five figures’ which means, I am betting, she was an uptight, angry, humorless b*tch looking for a payout, made a fuss, and got a quick $10-$50k to please just shut the f*ck up and go away… I mean, please!  Who among us has not worked with someone, more than one someone, like this!  There have been zero allegations of any sexual touching or private parts being exposed or threats to do something or elseNone of that - which would, in my mind, constitute an authentic charge which should be taken very seriously, indeed.  And let me be clear – if Herman did any of that – My bad, we’re done, my support for him is over, but I’d bet my house he didn’t.  There’s nothing in his history, story, behavior, testimony from long-time colleagues, that would indicate that kind of evil exists in him.  Okay?

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Mika Fomenting Greed Violence

Oct 26 2011 Published by under salt

 Morning’s Joe’s opening segment thus far, 6:09am Eastern is not only wrong, but DANGEROUS.

The rich getting richer, ‘the wealth gap’, is a DANGEROUS CANARD.

The richer getting richer being institutionalized as a ‘problem’ foments a kind of ‘take it’ envy DANGEROUS in a crowd.

Lucky for us, such crowds are few.  Whah?  OWS everywhere?  ’Eat the rich’ signs everywhere?


I’m not suggesting we should curtail their speech a syllable, but let me prove my point that ‘all boats rise’ as the President says (Even though he doesn’t have a clue what that phrase really means.). Actually, just to really drive the point home, we’ll open with what happens when a boat sinks and brings everyone down with it:


When the mob forces the issue to get their ‘fair share,’ you get Detroit.  Or put another way, when you ‘steal’ from the rich to artificially prop up the wages of the ‘poor’ the rich LEAVE.  And take their money with them.  Unions wage thuggery & other Democratic favorite policies KILLED the Motor CIty and EVERYBODY HONEST KNOW IT.  It’s a ‘shining’ example of 50+ years of nearly 100% Democrat rule in action.


Bill Gates being insanely wealthy, helps or hurts Redmond Washington & its suburbs full of contractors, dry cleaners, small biz owners…?  Never mind Microsoft’s employees, and their houses, and economic activity.


If he left, what would happen to their economy?

Let me help you.  It’s sort of a trick question.  

Q: What would happen if Bill Gates left Redmond, Washington?

A: It would become DETROIT!

What do these OWS & New World Order babies like lil’ Mika think the rich will do once the angry mob shows up for their ‘fair share’?  Hmm?

Maybe we should take Mika’s own father’s suggestion and get the addresses & charitable giving records of all the rich so we can mob their homes if we, as a mob, adjudge they are ‘selfish’… 

How much did you give to The Home for Little Wanderers last year, Mika?  Wounded Warriors?


Would you like the MOB on YOUR LAWN?  Scaring your two teenage daughters like they did to that bank executive’s 13 year old son, home alone in Maryland last year when 300 SEIU thugs mobbed his lawn?  

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On Foreign Policy “Judgement” Obama Wins? Uh-NO

Oct 24 2011 Published by under salt

 If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe opened this morning taking broad swipes at the GOP field for being foreign-policy-feckless, and furthering their point by insisting that we must have sound foreign policy judgement in the next President – like Obama’s… 

Got that?  Obama’s foreign policy judgement is sound.  Okay?  Now, let’s remember:

In a 2002 Chicago speech – organized, by the way, by his radical friends Marilyn Katz, Bernadine Dohrn, & Bill Ayers – Obama called Iraq the ‘dumb’ war and Afghanistan the ‘good’ war.  Bam-Bam’s been dining out on that speech as the shining jewel of his FP chops ever since.  Over the weekend we learn, that this GENIUS-of-Foreign-Policy-Judgement has led us to the following:

1. IRAQ: OBAMA’s cynically political decision to have the Iraqi troops 100% home for Christmas will likely result in the worst kind of back-sliding, VERY likely redounding to the benefit of IRAN.  Even lefty analyists say so.  Result?  Yet another enemy of Israel emboldened THANKS TO OBAMA.

2. AFGHANISTAN: Hamid Karzai just told the world that Afghanistan will choose Pakistan as their ally AGAINST the United States should there be a need to pick sides.  Doesn’t matter, frankly, why or when we have to pick sides.  The guy we spent 10 years trying to help in the war Obama APPROVED of, HATES US – LETHALLY.  Not just diplomatic hate.  Take up arms and KILL YOU hate.

So! Obama was 180 degrees WRONG about BOTH of the big ticket wars we have on the ground he’s been PREENING he’s been so RIGHT about since 2002.

There’s nothing Herman Cain lacks in judgement, as a man, as a leader, to make SOUND Foreign Policy judgement that he can’t learn in a briefing book.  

Obama’s problem is EXACTLY the OPPOSITE:  There aren’t enough briefing books in the world to help him – he’s too arrogant, too prison-bound in his ideology.

Sorry, Mika.

And do we even need to pick the scab of how he’s directly treated England?  Or Israel? When you consider that England & Israel have traditionally been America’s strongest and most important allies, and the unutterably shabby way he has treated them – IT’S LAUGHABLE that Obama’s FP judgement is admirable.

Laughable… Until you cry.

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Ed Schultz, Laura Ingraham & Morning Joe Irony

May 26 2011 Published by under salt


The irony is lost on everyone.

There’s Mika Brzezinski, pitching her little book (God love her, really. She manages to stay employed & stay published despite having very little to offer intellectually) called Knowing Your Value (or something very close to that) a tome no doubt oozing with woman-power-affirming-estrogen. Taken on it’s face, it’s a very good thing for the sisterhood. So far all the talk this morning is knowing how to negotiate the terms of your employment with men. I will touch on that important topic before I get to what they haven’t talked about.

Having spent 20 years on the air in major market radio and having negotiated every single one of my contracts by myself, I recall the circumstances of my second to last one – while 6 months pregnant with my first child. I sat across the table with a man who shaved his favorite hockey team logo into the hair on his back. I swear to you I am not making that up. So, I know a little something about staring down testosterone. That negotiation produced my third 33% raise in a row. It helps when you have actual ratings – I was #1 pm drive in what was, at the time, the 4th largest media market in the country. That led to an offer some years later in which I negotiated – in addition to salary – airfare & hotel for my family for an annual vacation. All of this was based on my track record of ratings, performance, & being a solid employee – but most importantly – ratings.

Perhaps sh*tty ratings is what’s given Mika so much trouble in her negotiations, but I digress…

Not a single person on the KNOW, LOVE, & VALUE your ESTROGEN panel this morning took their colleague to task for being a misogynistic pig.

If they had any stones, class, or integrity at allany of them – they would have talked about Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut – not once, but twice yesterday.

They should have, if they meant a syllable of what they said, encouraged their employer TO PROTECT THEIR INTEGRITY AS EMPLOYEES OF THE BRAND AND FIRE THE BASTARD.

I’m all for free speech. If this were a first offense, I would accept his apology, endorse his suspension and leave it alone. But this is not the first time he has been utterly, unforgivably abusive of the privilege he has been given by having a broadcast platform. Please note the distinction between the constitutionally protected right of free speech & the privilege of a corporation providing a platform to use it.

The first amendment protects your right to speak, but it does not protect your right to be heard.

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