PREDICTION: Corzine, Greece, Goldman Sachs, $700M

Nov 01 2011

John Corzine, late of Goldman Sachs, has, in the last few days, found himself in a bit of hot water over $700 MILLION that has gone missing.

Also, of late, we’re seeing Greece in it’s final death throes, in some rather sudden, though not unexpected developments.  The only thing surprising about it is that it’s come to this, like this, so violently, this week.

Did you know that Goldman Sachs was intimately involved in structuring Greece’s finances in the 1990′s?


I’m betting no.  It may take a decade, even two.  But we’ll find out these two things are related.  Not in a causal way, but in a corollary way.  Corzine’s missing money didn’t cause Greece’s death throes, but the money got missing in an effort to protect it because of what he knew about Greece.

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