Another Gilded Smooth Jazz Era Ahead?

Jun 10 2012

I keep having these daydreams that a Romney election will lead us to another “go-go” 1990′s, only this time, obviously, the 2010′s…

I envision a time when people exhale, remember who they are, return to the traditions of merit and excellence that made us great, and spend & earn money again. Add in the REVOLUTION with fracking and money could be falling from the sky. It’s EXACTLY the kind of era that makes a boom time a smooth time and could herald the return of smooth jazz on terrestrial radio…

Gosh, I hope so.  For ALL of it.

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  • David

    Read your post on Krugman and thought I’d check out your site. You seem like a well meaning lady but you appear to genuinely not have a clue. For example, please check out the (numerous) reponses to your Krugman comment. Before you assume others (in this case Krugman) are incredibly ignorant, read up on the theory of the subject and what the person has said/written before. Thanks.

    • Annie Ashe Fields

      Thank you, but the liberal sycophant commenters have nothing to teach me.

      Perhaps YOU should read some CONSERVATIVE columnists and catch a clue where I’m comin’ from. But thank you. You seem like a genial sort, too.