PREDICTION: Bin Laden Photo? October 2012 “Surprise”

May 05 2011

It occurs to me that the withholding of the long-form death photo of Bin Laden is purposeful.

There’s a whole series of if’s involved which depend in a large part on amnesia & the notorious gymnastic flexibility of liberal principles (such as they are) but:

If his base doesn’t crucify him for the unilateral (no U.N. partners) decision to assassinate UBL…

If his base doesn’t crucify him for using executive authority (imperial Bush) to assassinate UBL…

If they are able to sustain their denial that waterboarding led directly to UBL’s lair…

If they are able to sustain their denial that Gitmo led directly to UBL’s lair…

…even if it is C.I.A. chief Panetta, AP, NYT, HuffPo, and dozens of other so-called reputable news organizations reminding us that only 3 guys were water-boarded and both of the critical leads, the nickname, then the real name of the courier, came from policies Obama eviscerated Bush for

It will be OOPSIE! –  Leaked as an October Surprise in 2012.

It will make him look butch to the independents, corral a few rudderless GOP, and by then, the base will be so thoroughly propagandized & brainwashed they won’t care anymore…

Bookmark this site, and remember you heard it here first.

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  • Jarvis Stanhope

    I can’t believe you linked to this site from the Times. Do you really want Times readers to see this? You can’t spell, you can’t write, and you have the analytic abilities of my cat (the dumb one). I’m embarrassed for you, and I don’t even know you.

    • Annie