“I Take Responsibility”

Oct 16 2012

Hillary mans up. The buck stops with her. Libya’s blood is on her hands.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that deal was cut. What do they have on each other that keeps these two scorpions locked in a death-cage match?


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  • Wow

    Wow! You’re insane…….

    ….really….. WOW!

  • dicknicholson

    ur a bitch

  • Anonymous

    I too wish you were a fly on the wall. But we can only wish for such wonderful gifts from our Lord. Calling our Secretary of State and our Commander-in-Chief is simply treasonous. Why don’t you use your REAL name and address when you write such traitorous garbage?

  • Anonymous

    Regarding your NY Times comment:
    12 million jobs over 4 years equals 3 million every year. 12 divided by 4 =3
    Now 3 million jobs divided by 12 months equals 250,000 jobs a month. 3,000,000 divided by 12 months =250,000 jobs created each month NOT 150,000.
    That is ABOVE normal and it will have NOTHING to do with Romney as president. Nothing.
    As Bill Clinton stated so elegantly…Obstructionists err Republicans such as you can’t even do simple arithmetic. Have your 6 year old check your math before posting in the NY Times next time.