Charlie Brown, Lucy, & the Football?

Nov 14 2011 Published by under salt

If the image below is too small, the text reads:

“If only everyone read you every day, Paul.  We’d be so happy!”

I left it beneath a post from Paul Krugman on The New York Times website this afternoon.  Normal people couldn’t miss it as dripping with sarcasm – could they?  Well, obviously Krugs believe his own bullsh*t and takes this kind of mockery as veddy, veddy serious praise for his veddy, veddy serious self.

Regular readers of this space know that I’ve left such comments, which have been published, about a half a dozen times.  It’s kind of a “cigarette break” for me, during long hours at the computer.  I will occasionally take a ten minute break to pop over to Drudge, etc. and will occasionally visit NYT to see what kind of bullsh*t propaganda they are peddling that day.  Paul Krugman is my favorite target to leave comments on because he is the most widely read, and, arguably, the most untethered to reality.

Now, I know for a fact that the moderators at NYT visit this site before they post any comment I leave.  No doubt to be sure that the link I embed in every one is not a porn site or something.  I know this because like most people who have a website I keep traffic logs on visitors.  The New York Times nearly always visits within an hour of choosing to publish a comment I’ve left.  I know they have done this even when the first post they’d see is like this one – mocking them.

A half a dozen times.

Is this like Lucy tormenting poor, trusting Charlie Brown with the football? Should I stop playing with them?  Because really, I feel I’ve crossed the line into kicking puppy territory…

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Krugman & Catnip

Oct 30 2011 Published by under salt

Humorless people can be fun – if you stop caring about them being humorless and just mercilessly f*ck with them.

Late last night, punchy, from having just read through a very dense academic paper on the beauty of confiscatory taxation recommended by HuffPo, I popped over the NYT to see what the Sunday opinion pages would look like upon waking.

Paul Krugman, always dependable, posted yet another veddy, veddy smart piece trying to make an academic excuse for what we all know is true:  Until this President, who keeps promising to do a tax colonoscopy on anyone capable of hiring is removed from Office, this economy is stalled.  Everyone is just treading water trying to survive until 2013 and everyone who doesn’t have their head firmly planted up their a** knows this.

It does not require a single graduate class to know this.

It simply requires common friggin’ sense.

Which is why this comment, dripping with sarcasm got posted.

Like I said, humorless people are fun. Posting comments like this is like a kitty playing with catnip.  Predictable outcome, every time.  It’s just vague enough to look like I believe the drivel being peddled, and just sarcastic enough to fly under their deeply crippled humor radar. If you want to read the piece that inspired the comment below, yet another gravity-defying Krugman piece, the hallmark of which is economic theory utterly untethered to human impulses, it’s here.

20111029 NYT Krug Sarcastic Comment

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Krug Comment OBVIOUSLY Confused Them…

May 18 2011 Published by under salt

…otherwise, they wouldn’t have published it.

NYT KRUGMAN comment 20110518 by anniefieldsUSA

It’s been sort of an experiment of mine over the last week to see if the comments I submit to the NYT, if sufficiently vague, will be published more often than those that are in opposition to the the article in question.

Guess what happens?


I consider it a personal challenge to craft them such that I am simultaneously: not lying, not dishonest, not laudatory, and as a bonus, just complex enough to make the poor kid vetting them think ‘I can’t let anybody know I’m not smart enough to really get the gist of this so I’ll publish it.’

Just call me an evil genius.


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Dr. Eeyore Krugman is “Glass 1/2 Empty” Again

May 18 2011 Published by under salt

Once again, the big-brave-unafraid-to-have-their-assertions-challenged HE MEN at the New York Times will not publish a comment of mine (I’ll bet my house) so I thought I’d do it here. Parenthetically, I’ve cut & pasted quotes from their OWN NEWSPAPER, politely, and with links, using my best Queen’s English and they never, ever, publish those. It’s such a stupid thing to complain about but jeez. Have some stones!

Anyway… I digress. Krugman’s latest is pointing out… wait for it… hypocrisy… Yawn…


He’s obviously got his marching orders from Plouffe that it’s Santorum’s turn to get taken down so he points out something incredibly stupid he said in 2003. Yup. Dumb thing to say. My (never to be published, I’m sure, comment) is below:

Rules from childhood:

1. ‘Johnny did it too.’ doesn’t fly with Mom. You can’t point at Johnny as an excuse. You’ll get ‘If Johnny jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?’ from an exasperated Mom.

2. ‘Johnny did it first.’ ALSO doesn’t fly with Mom. You can’t point at Johnny as an excuse. You’ll get ‘If Johnny jumped off a cliff, AND WENT SPLAT would you BE SO STUPID as to do that too?’ from an exasperated Mom.

Republican or Democrat, R or D, is sooooooooooo last century. Promiscuity with the people’s money has been so pervasive in BOTH parties for so long that pointing at R or D is now officially passe. It’s time for INDIVIDUALS to be held accountable and VOTE THEM OUT. There’s no such thing as ‘collective’ salvation OR blame anymore. When you DIE you go to the Pearly Gates ALONE, St. Peter doesn’t call a (political) party of 5… or 535. Or 300+Million Americans. YOU ARE JUDGED ALONE.

And Eeyore? Hear his voice in your head saying “Oh nooooooo… It’ll never work…” and you will understand the ‘glass is half-empty’ ‘all GOP are evil’ ethos that oozes off him like the smell of vodka the morning after a hard night of drinking.


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Medical Speakeasies

May 10 2011 Published by under salt

Why doesn’t Krugman just change his name to Keynes and be done with it? Oh! Right. Both Krugman & Keynes are/were closet-capitalists, investing their money carefully and using every legal means possible to shelter it, but shhhh… forget about that… don’t look at the man behind the curtain, again, and again, and again… Just do what he says you, the little person, should do, the hypocritical bastards.

Damn, I’m grumpy this morning.

The point is, Krugs is at it again. Mark my words, in about 10 years, if this madness stands, we will have a full-fledged two-tier medical system. The rich will pay for premium access to skilled physicians and the poor will have government sh*t.

We’re already seeing it start with the… oh, damn. I forget what they call them, but you can pay $1500 per year or so and get 24/7 access to your physician.

Medical Speakeasies. ObAmerica.


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Heil Krug!

May 10 2011 Published by under salt


WRONG, my little commie friend.

Business exists to make a PROFIT.  Without PROFIT, they don’t SURVIVE.  NOBODY will INVEST in an enterprise whose stated aim is to tuck its employees in at night.  That’s an ENTIRELY different PARADIGM.  If you want a social service, then get/make/endorse a social service through LOCAL, STATE, CIVIC, or FAITH-BASED institutions, but NOT through some big-ass federal government program or on the backs of the nation’s PRODUCERS.

Liberals have this relentless and annoying impulse towards assigning church-type goals to capitalist enterprises. Grow up dammit.


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May 09 2011 Published by under salt

Sigh… Krugs is at it again. Chuggin’ that Bush-Evil Train around and around… It’s yet more proof of why they call economics the miserable science, or something to that effect.  In liberal-land Bush is responsible for all evils in the world, from recession to warm salad forks.


I submitted the comment below to his column’s (The Unwisdom of Elites) assertion that $2T of the $14T on America’s balance sheet is due to the Bush tax cuts. Kryst… Does he not realize people have Google ferkryssakes!

I’d LOVE to know where you got your $2T Bush tax cut number, big guy, because TWO of your favorite sources for data say YOU ARE WRONG, The Tax Policy Foundation an the CBO:

TPF QUOTE -> MYTH 4. The Bush tax cuts are the main cause of the budget deficit. — …They are NOT the main cause of the sizable deficit that exists today. In 2007, well after the tax cuts took effect, the budget deficit stood at 1.2 percent of GDP. By 2009, it had increased to 9.9 percent of the economy. The Bush tax cuts DIDN’T CHANGE between 2007 and 2009, (‘the last three years’) SO CLEARLY SOMETHING ELSE IS TO BLAME.

TPF SOURCE -> August 3, 2010 50 The Tax Policy Center Five Myths about the Bush Tax Cut ~

CBO QUOTE -> There is NO WAY to precisely identify the actual effects of those tax changes from budget data. Measuring the actual impact of the legislation would require gauging what revenues an economic performance WOULD HAVE BEEN in the absence of the legislation then comparing those outcomes to those that occurred with the legislation. SUCH COMPARISONS ARE IMPOSSIBLE to do with any precision

CBO SOURCE -> The above excerpt was taken from a May 11, 2010 letter from Douglas W. Elmendorf, Director of the C.B.O. to Representative Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and you can find it here ->

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