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Nov 25 2012 Published by under salt

Dear salt readers:

I’ve migrated the site to a new address. It is STILL reachable via (which is simply a forward to the new domain I’ve moved it to).

So if you’ve arrived here by other means, please use from this point forward, as this site will no longer be updated and will eventually be taken down all together.

Thank you.

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Looks Weird!

Nov 20 2012 Published by under salt

If the blog looks weird it’s because I’m in the process of moving it.  I’ll post when done.

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“I Take Responsibility”

Oct 16 2012 Published by under salt

Hillary mans up. The buck stops with her. Libya’s blood is on her hands.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that deal was cut. What do they have on each other that keeps these two scorpions locked in a death-cage match?


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Michelle’s Government Mule-Kickin’

Sep 05 2012 Published by under salt

Michelle Obama, who, admittedly, looked slammin’ last night, described herself as “Mom-in-Chief.” Even if a First Lady I like said that I would find it self-aggrandizing and offensive. I have a mother. I was raised by her by choice. Government is force. We elect politicians. Not parents. No thank you.

As to this incredibly creepy “Government is the only thing we all belong to” theme at the DNC, uh… I’m nobody’s government mule.

I’ve read history.


These people need to go.

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Therapist Drill Sargent!

Aug 26 2012 Published by under salt

I’d forgotten about this guy. I was reminded of him this morning. Watch it again and laugh out loud like I did.

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Obama / Feinstein 2012?

Aug 20 2012 Published by under salt

If Joe’s gotta go, and Hillary’s a no-go, then Senator Diane Feinstein would be a formidable choice.

She’s pissed at Obama for the egregious, (I say treasonous) leaks over which she has oversight as a senior member of the Intelligence Committee. I believe she also sits on Foreign Relations. Even apart from her impressive credentials and her (liberal!) politics, however, she’s no intellectual slouch. She’s been a solid Democrat, solid Senator, and gracious leader. She would be an excellent choice (dammit).

It was also her house in Georgetown where the deal was done to make Hillary Secretary of State and not the VP in late 2008. It was her dining room, reportedly, where those discussions took place.

She was also a latecomer to ObamaCare and had to be dragged over the finish line. She negotiated more water for the Central Valley farmers who were drying up due to the stupid Delta Smelt.

All of this is indicative of a close relationship & a covenant of trust between Obama & the Senator. The kind of relationship where he might call her and say “If you lay off me about my treasonous leaks, I’ll put you on the ticket.”

Remember where you heard it first.

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ANOTHER Genius Obama Cartoon

Jul 28 2012 Published by under salt

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The Liberal Plantation

Jul 24 2012 Published by under salt

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*Snort* – Inconvenient Truth, eh?

Jul 15 2012 Published by under salt

Democrats Then and Now

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I couldn’t agree more.

Jul 07 2012 Published by under salt

Our Ancestors Left Europe to Get Away from this CRAP (Obama)

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Democrats’ OBSCENE Denial of the FAST & FURIOUS FACTS

Jun 20 2012 Published by under salt

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 1 -> F&F crossed an international border WITHOUT PERMISSION. The Mexicans were NOT informed of the program. Under Bush, THEY WERE. It was a PARTNERSHIP.

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 2 -> F&F HUNDREDS of Mexicans are DEAD with F&F guns found at crime scene. A Marine/Border Agent, Brian Terry is DEAD. I thought you guys were supposed to care about innocent victims?

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 3 -> F&F -> If anybody else gave a letter to congress in February then TEN MONTHS LATER WITHDREW it citing “evolving truth” THEY’D BE CONVICTED OF PERJURY.

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 4 -> F&F -> Holder ACTUALLY asserted that “Fast and Furious” – that EXACT phrase, as quoted to him from one of the few dox released was NOT the F&F in question. Seriously?

INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT 5 -> F&F -> Holder NEVER called the Terry family. If your employee were killed in the line of duty through no fault of your own, wouldn’t YOU call the family? That’s what a NORMAL reaction is. Holder’s is the behavior of a GUILTY MAN.

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Another Gilded Smooth Jazz Era Ahead?

Jun 10 2012 Published by under salt

I keep having these daydreams that a Romney election will lead us to another “go-go” 1990′s, only this time, obviously, the 2010′s…

I envision a time when people exhale, remember who they are, return to the traditions of merit and excellence that made us great, and spend & earn money again. Add in the REVOLUTION with fracking and money could be falling from the sky. It’s EXACTLY the kind of era that makes a boom time a smooth time and could herald the return of smooth jazz on terrestrial radio…

Gosh, I hope so.  For ALL of it.

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Obama’s “Fake but Accurate” Birth Certificate

May 22 2012 Published by under salt

(This is a repost of a post I wrote a year ago, the day Obama released his long-form birth certificate, but given recent events, having another look at the “fake but accurate” birth certificate seemed in order.  I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, but I *also* believe his legal adoption by his mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, in Indonesia, compromised his eligibility to hold office.  We know he was adopted there because his daughter, Obama’s half-sister Maya, the only sibling he’s taken out on the campaign trail, posted on her FB page that Lolo adopted him, thus rendering his birth certificate “fake but accurate.”)

Okay… I was 99% convinced until about an hour ago that the birth certificate was legit.

Gosh, kind of a lot’s happened since then.

How could he put out such a ham-handed fake? This ONE image ALONE blows it and all you had to do was zoom in to see it. Below is a screenshot I took of the original birth certificate pdf downloaded from the White House website. I was viewing it in Adobe Acrobat. All I did was zoom. That’s it.

Look at the pixelation on the last 1!!!!

There’s also the problem of the lack of ‘chromatic fringe’ around the letters. It’s PURE white around the edges of the numbers. That’s NOT what happens in COLOR SCANS and we know this is a color scan because the safety paper is clearly green.

I wish I could say I knew about ‘chromatic fringe’ 2 hours ago but I didn’t. A detailed, mind-blowing examination of the document is here. But before you go, look what happened when I just tried to ‘control-C’ copy the selection above:


Barry… Didn’t the Nixon years teach you ANYTHING? It’s not the CRIME. It’s the COVER-UP.

If the ‘mind-blowing’ exam link is broken (as it likely is since I have lately been embed hexed) you can cut and paste this one:

UPDATE 19 May 2011:

Just figured out why & how the last ’1′ is different from the numbers that precede it.

If you’ve ever used Adobe Photoshop Elements, you know there’s a select tool called the ‘magic wand.’ Basically it selects whatever you ‘touch’ with it, so if you have an irregular area, like the inside of a number (or series of numbers) you lifted off another person’s birth certificate, you can ‘select’ each one then ‘fill’ it with something else, like, black.  That explains why all the numbers except the last ’1′ are so nice and inky black.  They selected areas to ‘fill.’  They probably reasoned that if they ‘selected’ & ‘filled’ all the irregular areas and filled them with black it would give the document consistency.  But what to do about that last number that has to be changed?

They typed it.  Dumb choice.  Rookie mistake. (Did Obama himself do this?) Look at the hard edges around the bottom of that last ’1.’  Now look at the irregular edges of the other numbers.  How do you explain that?  One suggestion is that it was made by one of those rubber stamp things that advances a click every type you stamp something. Uh… No.  It’s too sharp… too COMPUTER GENERATED.  The only thing I can’t figure is why didn’t the genius who did this who presumably can ‘select’ and ‘fill’ just ‘select’ and ‘copy’ one of the other 1′s?  That would have been the thing to do, then just rough up the edges a little to distinguish it from the others.  That ain’t hard. They AT LEAST could have ‘inked in’ the pixels on the typed ’1′ ferkryssakes.  Like I said before, my kids could make a better fake.

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What are the ODDS?

May 08 2012 Published by under salt

First of all, to my 2 dozen or so faithful readers (!) I’m sorry I haven’t posted in several weeks.  More on that later.

Paul Kengor has a fascinating article on – ostensibly – ‘Forward’, Obama’s new campaign slogan and its Communist past.  But it’s really about much, much more.  Especially if you are a student of the Enigma-in-the-Oval, as I am.

The article places Frank Marshall Davis in Chicago circa Obama’s birth; a bit before, really.  Now, I remember reading in one of the Obama biographies that his mother, when they were still living in Kansas, spent a memorable weekend in Chicago at a “black film festival” and that it made quite a lasting impression on her.  One can’t help but wonder if that impression is in the White House – but even THAT isn’t what I’m talking about here.

In the 1950′s ALL the following people were in Chicago and CROSSED PATHS in one combination or another:  Valerie Jarrett’s dad, William Ayer’s dad, Frank Marshall-Davis, and if Tim Geithner’s dad ever went to Chicago, I think my head will explode, because HE knew Obama’s mother from the Ford Foundation in Indonesia.

WHAT are the ODDS of this? My GOD.

Paul Kengor wrote Dupes, which I have read, casually, and can recommend as a very well-researched work, but not exactly beach-reading, and I will look forward to his new book on Frank Marshall Davis in June!

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Just Say No!

Apr 14 2012 Published by under salt

This Ann Romney / Hilary Rosen thing has spun waaaay out of control and somebody has to be the grown-up and stop it, and it’s got to be us.

We need to be viciously disciplined from this point forward and not let the Left distract from the issues and define the news cycle.

As juicy and tempting as these things are, we must not bite.  We must give it a sentence then move right back to the FACTS about Obama’s ABYSMAL record.

“Anyone who has ever spent a day with their own children knows what hard work it is.  It’s harder when there’s one less paycheck in the house, gas is $4 per gallon, your home equity has crashed, the dollars you have left in the bank are worth less, and there’s no economic hope in sight under this president.  That’s what matters.  That’s what conservatives care about…”

That is how this needs to be dealt with, with military regularity and rapidity.

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