Is there NOONE to say ‘It doesn’t help ya honey’?

Apr 01 2012

Michelle Obama Fashion Fail
Aside from what I find to be her angry eyes, the first lady is a very attractive woman, imho. She’s done an admirable job keeping herself fit; that said, there does come a time when women of a certain age have to have someone in their life tell them the truth if they are not willing to tell it to themselves – this is one of those times.

Mrs. Obama has made some excellent fashion choices (some ghastly ones, too, but that’s another matter) but did NOBODY look in a full length mirror with this one? Did NOBODY around her have the courage to say “Michelle… It doesn’t help ya honey” which is what my mother tells me when I make an epic fashion fail?

She’s pushing 50. She’s hippy. Just embrace it. But not this way.

Someone needs to tell her.

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