The Mayans, December 2012, & What “Merlin” Saw

Jan 08 2012

An old friend of mine was on Coast to Coast last night.  Paul Guercio.  He and his (then) wife were dear friends of mine years ago when he was just beginning to develop “Merlin” a fascinating kind of computer program that tracks patterns in time much in the same way astrology does, only with more scientific precision.  He did my “Merlin” chart for me years ago and I’m not an expert, but I remember that the way to read these is to note the extremes – gaps, peaks, etc.

Well, Paul posited that the Mayan “endtime” that everyone is so panicked about actually started in 2007 – 2008 with the financial collapse, and that what we are seeing is everyone in a position of power trying to “duct tape” the problem enough to just hold it all together until after the elections in November… which, of course, is followed directly by… December 2012!

I had had the thought about the November aspect of it, but not that the Mayan thing had a run up that started with the collapse, which I found fascinating, and seemed right to me.  It seemed true to me that the December 2012 moment is a culmination of events, rather than a bolt from the blue, as it were.

Anyway, here’s the chart, and a link to learn more (Notes are mine, and, again, may be wrong, but I think I’ve got this right!):

And have a look at the Merlin chart for Obama/Biden… Sure looks like a defeat in November to me! You’ll see it continues past January 2013, but only for about half the year.  My hope is that that is merely a reflection of how long he takes to exit the “public consciousness” and then he’s off the world stage.

One can only hope.

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  • Paul Guercio

    AH.. the l-o-n-g arm of the internet. ::GRIN:: Hi! Annie! Glad you enjoyed the show. John B. Wells was blown away I gather from his later comments and we’ve been trying to log a weekend overnight segment on ‘Coast’ for quite awhile now. That show was the first time Dr Hart stayed on for the entire first two hours. Hey, as I recall you were going to arrange a followup UPDATE and then poof you disappeared from our radar. Drop me a line at my email, or call me or text me at my cell, 207-294-1422 and let’s talk about it. It would be great to hear from you again after all this time — it’s gotta be 20 years. Are you on-the-air somewhere? Lemme know and have a great New Year. And you’re right.. December 2012 is liable to be another Y2K redux -:) PG

    • Annie Ashe Fields

      Hah! I had a feeling you’d find this! In looking at my notes on your chart, I goofed. I should have moved those last two notations over to the right a bit — Rookie mistake, huh?

      It’s so funny that I happened to land on you that night because I’ve lately become hooked on Phil Hendrie overnights. The guy is a genius of the medium – the way he uses it, that is. In the same way Howard Stern expanded the the light into every nook & cranny of radio’s most natural capabilities, this guy has found his patch of sunlight, not previously harvested to his fullest expression. Sometimes the content of what he does gets a little whacked, but just from a purely talent-meets-medium point of view, I am a great admirer, so it’s rare, lately, that when I am up in the wee hours I surf over to Coast to Coast!

      Your kids must be out of college by now, right? How Chrissie? I know you’re not married anymore, but you do have children together so it’s fair to ask, yes? I have fond memories of you both ;)


  • Sandra Childs

    Interesting! But unfortunately even if–no WHEN Obama is defeated, please God–I don’t think we’ll be rid of him. But tracking his activities will be revealing. What flock of “birds of a feather” will he choose to become involved with? I predict it will be a flock of “community organizing” birds, or their ilk.

    • Anonymous

      I’m praying he is dressed in orange and sitting on a cot somewhere!