Just Say No!

Apr 14 2012

This Ann Romney / Hilary Rosen thing has spun waaaay out of control and somebody has to be the grown-up and stop it, and it’s got to be us.

We need to be viciously disciplined from this point forward and not let the Left distract from the issues and define the news cycle.

As juicy and tempting as these things are, we must not bite.  We must give it a sentence then move right back to the FACTS about Obama’s ABYSMAL record.

“Anyone who has ever spent a day with their own children knows what hard work it is.  It’s harder when there’s one less paycheck in the house, gas is $4 per gallon, your home equity has crashed, the dollars you have left in the bank are worth less, and there’s no economic hope in sight under this president.  That’s what matters.  That’s what conservatives care about…”

That is how this needs to be dealt with, with military regularity and rapidity.

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