B-B-B-Bad Breitbart!

Feb 11 2012 Published by under salt

I love that bad man.

Could he be any sexier? I mean… Forget what he looks like. Doesn’t matter. (When was the last time he washed or combed that hair?) Don’t care. He could be human Wesson Oil for all I care. A gelatinous blob in search of an artery to clog. No matter… But what he said! AH!

(Partial transcript below.) Enjoy.

“I’m just going to tell you right now, I want to end it on a media bashing note because that will uplift me like a Dionne Warwick final rendition. We’re watching you to play the race card MSNBC….

This is going to be the dog whistle election cycle… Ed and Maddow can sit there and call everyone who’s Caucasian racist. ‘I heard it. He used ‘is’ instead of ‘are.’ He’s a racist. That’s a dog whistle.’

…I bought a dog whistle. I bought a dog whistle factory, and I’m giving you dog whistles. And we’re going to listen to every word that comes out of your mouth, and we’re going to hold you to the same standard that you hold us which is an impossible one… America’s finally woken to your Saul Alinsky bullshit tactics, and we’re coming to get you.”

h/t NewsBusters – Again!

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Thaddeus Matthews’ Bad Day – Every Day in America

Feb 01 2012 Published by under salt

Wow.  I rarely watch internet video and ask others to watch them even less, but this?  This has to be seen to be believed.

This video’s audio is horrible. It’s 16 minutes long, and it was edited with anti-Tea Party titles dropping in throughout.  Its foul language combined with  the relentlessness of the verbal abuse handed to this remarkably composed young woman in this teeny studio is disturbing to say the least.  And I hate watching videos (if given the alternative of a transcript, I always choose it – a much more efficient use of my time, you know?) but this has to be seen & heard to be believed.  I can only hope that this gentlemen is not a majority of Obama supporters, because if he is, it’s hopeless. The hatred is too baked in to reason with.  What a shame.

What happened to this man to fill him with such hate? The overwhelming majority of black people I have known, and loved, over the years (one extended & notable immersion of mine into black culture was when I worked for Inner City Broadcasting, a legendary, black-owned broadcasting company) have felt the sting of racism in America, and we’ve talked about it, but it surely didn’t bake into them like a poison like this… This is another thing entirely. This is taught. Someone taught him to hate this way. So sad.

If by some wild coincidence the man in this video or the person who edited it should land here, please know I don’t hate you, no Tea Party I know of hates you, and no white people I know hate you or anyone else because you were born with dark pigment. I’m so sorry that you feel this way, and I hope you find away to put down the heavy bags of rocks you’re carrying around. Those rocks are a burden made of hatred that you needn’t carry… Not in the America I know… and love.

h/t The Blaze.

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Proof Please?

Dec 22 2011 Published by under salt

This was published in The Washington Post back on September 10, 2011, but I just came across it this morning.  It’s yet another in a long line of mainstream media hit pieces on the Tea Party which offer zero, zip, nada evidence to support their disgusting, slanderous assertions.

“…those who support the tea party movement show higher levels of racial resentment than do non-supporters…”

What a load of twaddle.

Try this little thought experiment if you doubt me:

If I ask you to recall the image of the second plane crashing into the World Trade Center you can do that even before you finish reading this sentence, right?

Okay… Recall an image of Tea Party racism. QUICK.

Don’t you think if they had it, they’d be running it 24/7 on MSNBC? In this age of cell phone cameras, you mean to tell me there’s not one video clip, not one still image of a Tea Party member holding a sign, yelling the “n” word, doing something racist? Really?

You may find some fool that showed up who is not Tea Party, but even that isn’t being looped 24/7.

They got nothin’.


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Reich’s Jiggling Load of Booger Snot

Dec 21 2011 Published by under salt

Over at The Daily Beast, Robert Reich (pronounce:  ”Ryssssshhhhhhhhhhh-eh”) posted yet another jiggling load of booger-snot I just had to comment on.  If you have a couple of minutes of your life you are willing to waste on him & never get back, go ahead and read it, but suffice to say it’s the usual “Tea Party conservatives in the House are racist” baseless inanity we’re going to see exponentially more of in the coming months.  Below is the comment I left beneath the article he entitled: “The GOP’s Dangerous Divide - White Southern Radicals are Threatening to Take over the Party Once and For All.”

DEMOCRATS, of the southern variety, were so sure that dark-pigmented PEOPLE were PROPERTY, they picked up weapons against their countrymen to KEEP that property – An irony considering how HOT they all are NOW to strip the rest of us of our inanimate property in the name of “social justice.”

DEMOCRATS started the KKK as their terrorist arm to abuse, frighten, harm, and kill dark-pigmented people, both Democrat & Republican, and those who supported dark-pigmented people.

DEMOCRATS filibustered the civil rights acts of 1964 & 1965.

DEMOCRATS like Al Gore Senior, JFK, RFK, LBJ, FDR, Wilson and many MANY others now DEIFIED in the Democrat party held UGLY, demonstrably, provably, RACIST views of dark-pigmented people.

DEMOCRATS did not field a dark-pigmented member of the Senate or Congress until DECADES after Reconstruction. ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WHO WERE BLACK WERE REPUBLICAN until then… AND THOSE MEMBERS WERE POSSESSED OF THE DIGNITY OF MAN AND OVERWHELMINGLY *OPPOSED* TO RACE-BASED POLICY OF ANY KIND. See the speeches of Rainey, and Cain, just for starters.

DEMOCRATS are the party of BIG GOVERNMENT and BIG GOVERNMENT is the ONLY ENTITY who can deprive a man BY FORCE of his FREEDOM or his MONEY. NO COMPANY ON AMERICAN SOIL EVER FORCED a man to do something he did not VOLUNTARILY agree to do. ONLY GOV’T does that.

So STUFF your facile reasoning, and sophomoric attacks.

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The Fast & Furious investigation? It’s not that Agent Terry was killed. It’s because I’m black.

Dec 18 2011 Published by under salt

From this morning’s New York Times:

“…Mr. Holder said he believed that a few — the ‘more extreme segment’ — were motivated by animus against Mr. Obama and that he served as a stand-in for him. ‘This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,’ he said, ‘both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.’”

Wow. Wouldn’t want to train the mind-blowing, gargantuan, damned near biblical power of your shared narcissism on a little self-reflection & personal responsibility there, wouldja Eric-the-Great? Bam-Bam the Destroyer?


Jeezuz… What does it take to get these people to understand that (Read this s-l-o-w-l-y if you are an Eric Holder acolyte) A-N  A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N  A-G-E-N-T  I-S  D-E-A-D.  He-was-your-employee.  You-should-be-unhappy-aggrieved-worried-activated to be sure the mistakes that led to his death are rectified and not repeated.


If you’re not eating breakfast and can stomach it, the story is here.

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Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck & SNARK

Nov 09 2011 Published by under salt

Before we deal with the headline, let’s deal with the matter that prompted it:

I am not normally a cheerleader for Sean Hannity (he annoys me*) but he’s on FIRE today.

He’s got this mash-up of absolutely sickening, over-the-top, just naked racism from talking-heads on NBC while discussing Herman Cain.

It’s so awful… I’m speechless. Truly. If I get a link (and remember to!) I’ll post it.

It’s breathtaking, truly.


Evidently he hates Glenn Beck.  Evidently he & his BFF Mark Levin (whose book Liberty & Tyranny is a treasure), both, in their BFF way, together, hate Glenn Beck.

Now, understand, I don’t care who likes Glenn Beck or doesn’t like Glenn Beck – Glenn Beck can take care of himself and doesn’t need me!  It’s just so obvious that he’s led the way these last 3 years on 90% of what we know about the ugly under-belly of this Administration that it’s really disingenuous to not give a nod when you use his research!

I’ve heard Hannity go on air with stuff I know he got from Beck.  There’s zero way he got it from anyone else – and 99.99% of the time, he has turned himself into a pretzel, to the point of even editing out Beck’s voice in a two-way interview, to avoid giving him credit!  It’s really unbecoming and childish!  And I can’t believe I’m the only person who has noticed.

When he really lost me was after 8.28.  I made a point to listen to him the Monday after 8.28 to see if he would congratulate his colleague on an astonishingly successful event.  Rush did.  Hannity did not, and I lost a ton of respect for him because of that one omission.  It was a big one. 

You know, I don’t have to personally like the people with whom I agree politically. But I would like to be able to regard them with some measure of respect beyond their political principles.  The snarky nature of the way Hannity & Levin deal with Beck just bugs me.  We need to be able to give ‘atta-boys’ to like-minded countrymen when they do good right now.  It’s critically important. There’s too much at stake.

I hope someone, maybe his wife, can broach this subject with him.  Like I said, I can’t be the only one who has noticed it.

PLEASE click the ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ buttons below if you agree, and maybe this post will find it’s way to Hannity or Levin!

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Herman Cain Schools Bob Schieffer

Oct 30 2011 Published by under salt

Poor Bob Schieffer.

It’s hard to carry a Progressive school book education onto national television when you’re facing someone who knows true history sitting across the desk from you.

Herman Cain just took CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’s’ Bob Schieffer to school on Margaret Sanger’s glossed over virulent racism.

Oh, the ‘Mother of Planned Parenthood’ did champion a broad range of reproductive health services to be made available to all women, ’tis true, but what is also true is she was a bloodless eugenicist - Eugenics was a new idea in the 1920′s & very fashionable at the time - and had no problem whatsoever with ridding the world of little black babies and all babies somehow not meeting the ‘breeding’ standards she regarded as worthy to join the human race.

Poor Bob Shieffer.  Now, when he goes to look it up, as Herman exhorted him to do, he may just find the truth behind the decades of Progressive revisionist history.

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Pot Calling the Kettle African-American

May 17 2011 Published by under salt

Another brilliant column at NewsBusters following up on the pile of steaming cr*p talking points MS/NBC has been stepping in since The Messiah showed up on the scene. They’re still burning over there about David Gregory’s shameless inquiry to (I will never ever ever ever vote in a primary for) Newt Gingrich on MTP Sunday morning. Then at the bottom of the article they listed a few more examples of MSNBC being plantation hypocrites. It’s good eatin’.

Mark Levin Accuses NBC News of Racism and ‘Promoting Racial Division in This Country’

Excerpt: …Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin specifically called out NBC News not only for its on-air talent being blindingly white, but also for promoting racial division in this country

Read the whole thing here ->  http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2011/05/17/mark-levin-accuses-nbc-racism-and-promoting-racial-division-country#ixzz1McjII0Yc



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May 15 2011 Published by under salt


DAVID GREGORY, HOST: What, what about jobs? Jobless rate now at 9 percent. You gave a speech on Friday in Georgia, and you said the following about this president:

Videotape -> NEWT GINGRICH: You want to be a country that creates food stamps, in which case frankly Obama’s is an enormous success. The most successful food stamp president in American history. Or do you want to be a country that creates paychecks? (end tape)

GREGORY: First of all, you gave a speech in Georgia with language a lot of people think could be coded racially-tinged language, calling the president, the first black president, a food stamp president.

GINGRICH: Oh, come on, David.

What a PERFECT reaction!  Newt then goes on to remind David that those are FACTS… but, as we’ve all become all too painfully aware, even the mere observation of facts, of simple frigging data, is a reason to finger someone as a racist.  I won’t be voting for Newt in the primaries (I’ll vote for Bugs Bunny in the general, though), but NG gets props for a simply wonderful, purely human reaction to DG’s shameless, whore-ish, inanity.

See the whole clip & read the rest of the transcript at the always wonderful NewsBusters:


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May 14 2011 Published by under salt

From NewsBusters:

So, whatever Republicans do they’re racist.

They don’t support a black presidential candidate, they’re racist. They do support a black presidential candidate, they’re racist.

Got it?

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2011/05/14/bill-maher-republicans-say-they-love-herman-cain-so-theyre-not-racist#ixzz1MNI5uhyE

Yup.  That about covers it!

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