Heil Krug!

May 10 2011


WRONG, my little commie friend.

Business exists to make a PROFIT.  Without PROFIT, they don’t SURVIVE.  NOBODY will INVEST in an enterprise whose stated aim is to tuck its employees in at night.  That’s an ENTIRELY different PARADIGM.  If you want a social service, then get/make/endorse a social service through LOCAL, STATE, CIVIC, or FAITH-BASED institutions, but NOT through some big-ass federal government program or on the backs of the nation’s PRODUCERS.

Liberals have this relentless and annoying impulse towards assigning church-type goals to capitalist enterprises. Grow up dammit.


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    • http://www.anniefields.com Annie

      I’m no expert, but thank you. I’m just a Mom worried about the America I leave my children.