Krug Comment OBVIOUSLY Confused Them…

May 18 2011

…otherwise, they wouldn’t have published it.

NYT KRUGMAN comment 20110518 by anniefieldsUSA

It’s been sort of an experiment of mine over the last week to see if the comments I submit to the NYT, if sufficiently vague, will be published more often than those that are in opposition to the the article in question.

Guess what happens?


I consider it a personal challenge to craft them such that I am simultaneously: not lying, not dishonest, not laudatory, and as a bonus, just complex enough to make the poor kid vetting them think ‘I can’t let anybody know I’m not smart enough to really get the gist of this so I’ll publish it.’

Just call me an evil genius.


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  • G. Soros

    Obama sets the record for legislation passed in the first year while Republicans set the record for filibusters, so “R or D is sooooooooooo last century”. And you’re an ‘evil genius’. Really…

    • Annie

      Dear “Mr. Soros”:

      I don’t regard “record” levels of legislation a good thing. Quite the opposite, actually. I’d rather they not, thank you very much. As to the “R & D” matter; I stand by my assertion that principles are all that matters. I’d vote for the Geico lizard if I thought he was an honest broker. R, D, or tail after his name…