Dr. Eeyore Krugman is “Glass 1/2 Empty” Again

May 18 2011

Once again, the big-brave-unafraid-to-have-their-assertions-challenged HE MEN at the New York Times will not publish a comment of mine (I’ll bet my house) so I thought I’d do it here. Parenthetically, I’ve cut & pasted quotes from their OWN NEWSPAPER, politely, and with links, using my best Queen’s English and they never, ever, publish those. It’s such a stupid thing to complain about but jeez. Have some stones!

Anyway… I digress. Krugman’s latest is pointing out… wait for it… hypocrisy… Yawn…


He’s obviously got his marching orders from Plouffe that it’s Santorum’s turn to get taken down so he points out something incredibly stupid he said in 2003. Yup. Dumb thing to say. My (never to be published, I’m sure, comment) is below:

Rules from childhood:

1. ‘Johnny did it too.’ doesn’t fly with Mom. You can’t point at Johnny as an excuse. You’ll get ‘If Johnny jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?’ from an exasperated Mom.

2. ‘Johnny did it first.’ ALSO doesn’t fly with Mom. You can’t point at Johnny as an excuse. You’ll get ‘If Johnny jumped off a cliff, AND WENT SPLAT would you BE SO STUPID as to do that too?’ from an exasperated Mom.

Republican or Democrat, R or D, is sooooooooooo last century. Promiscuity with the people’s money has been so pervasive in BOTH parties for so long that pointing at R or D is now officially passe. It’s time for INDIVIDUALS to be held accountable and VOTE THEM OUT. There’s no such thing as ‘collective’ salvation OR blame anymore. When you DIE you go to the Pearly Gates ALONE, St. Peter doesn’t call a (political) party of 5… or 535. Or 300+Million Americans. YOU ARE JUDGED ALONE.

And Eeyore? Hear his voice in your head saying “Oh nooooooo… It’ll never work…” and you will understand the ‘glass is half-empty’ ‘all GOP are evil’ ethos that oozes off him like the smell of vodka the morning after a hard night of drinking.


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