Charlie Brown, Lucy, & the Football?

Nov 14 2011

If the image below is too small, the text reads:

“If only everyone read you every day, Paul.  We’d be so happy!”

I left it beneath a post from Paul Krugman on The New York Times website this afternoon.  Normal people couldn’t miss it as dripping with sarcasm – could they?  Well, obviously Krugs believe his own bullsh*t and takes this kind of mockery as veddy, veddy serious praise for his veddy, veddy serious self.

Regular readers of this space know that I’ve left such comments, which have been published, about a half a dozen times.  It’s kind of a “cigarette break” for me, during long hours at the computer.  I will occasionally take a ten minute break to pop over to Drudge, etc. and will occasionally visit NYT to see what kind of bullsh*t propaganda they are peddling that day.  Paul Krugman is my favorite target to leave comments on because he is the most widely read, and, arguably, the most untethered to reality.

Now, I know for a fact that the moderators at NYT visit this site before they post any comment I leave.  No doubt to be sure that the link I embed in every one is not a porn site or something.  I know this because like most people who have a website I keep traffic logs on visitors.  The New York Times nearly always visits within an hour of choosing to publish a comment I’ve left.  I know they have done this even when the first post they’d see is like this one – mocking them.

A half a dozen times.

Is this like Lucy tormenting poor, trusting Charlie Brown with the football? Should I stop playing with them?  Because really, I feel I’ve crossed the line into kicking puppy territory…

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  • Sad

    i’m guessing you suffered a terrible loss. what hatred! what else could explain your constant vitriolic rants?

    • Annie Ashe Fields

      Depends on what your version of vitriolic is.

      Seems that’s been devolved down into little more than “There’s one single puffy cloud in the sky” when one was expecting “What a beautiful day!”

      So help me, here, and thank you for taking the priestly approach. Nice technique. I try to use it myself – not in print, obviously, but with carbon-based life-forms.