Proof Please?

Dec 22 2011

This was published in The Washington Post back on September 10, 2011, but I just came across it this morning.  It’s yet another in a long line of mainstream media hit pieces on the Tea Party which offer zero, zip, nada evidence to support their disgusting, slanderous assertions.

“…those who support the tea party movement show higher levels of racial resentment than do non-supporters…”

What a load of twaddle.

Try this little thought experiment if you doubt me:

If I ask you to recall the image of the second plane crashing into the World Trade Center you can do that even before you finish reading this sentence, right?

Okay… Recall an image of Tea Party racism. QUICK.

Don’t you think if they had it, they’d be running it 24/7 on MSNBC? In this age of cell phone cameras, you mean to tell me there’s not one video clip, not one still image of a Tea Party member holding a sign, yelling the “n” word, doing something racist? Really?

You may find some fool that showed up who is not Tea Party, but even that isn’t being looped 24/7.

They got nothin’.


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