Thaddeus Matthews’ Bad Day – Every Day in America

Feb 01 2012

Wow.  I rarely watch internet video and ask others to watch them even less, but this?  This has to be seen to be believed.

This video’s audio is horrible. It’s 16 minutes long, and it was edited with anti-Tea Party titles dropping in throughout.  Its foul language combined with  the relentlessness of the verbal abuse handed to this remarkably composed young woman in this teeny studio is disturbing to say the least.  And I hate watching videos (if given the alternative of a transcript, I always choose it – a much more efficient use of my time, you know?) but this has to be seen & heard to be believed.  I can only hope that this gentlemen is not a majority of Obama supporters, because if he is, it’s hopeless. The hatred is too baked in to reason with.  What a shame.

What happened to this man to fill him with such hate? The overwhelming majority of black people I have known, and loved, over the years (one extended & notable immersion of mine into black culture was when I worked for Inner City Broadcasting, a legendary, black-owned broadcasting company) have felt the sting of racism in America, and we’ve talked about it, but it surely didn’t bake into them like a poison like this… This is another thing entirely. This is taught. Someone taught him to hate this way. So sad.

If by some wild coincidence the man in this video or the person who edited it should land here, please know I don’t hate you, no Tea Party I know of hates you, and no white people I know hate you or anyone else because you were born with dark pigment. I’m so sorry that you feel this way, and I hope you find away to put down the heavy bags of rocks you’re carrying around. Those rocks are a burden made of hatred that you needn’t carry… Not in the America I know… and love.

h/t The Blaze.

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