Herman Cain Schools Bob Schieffer

Oct 30 2011

Poor Bob Schieffer.

It’s hard to carry a Progressive school book education onto national television when you’re facing someone who knows true history sitting across the desk from you.

Herman Cain just took CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’s’ Bob Schieffer to school on Margaret Sanger’s glossed over virulent racism.

Oh, the ‘Mother of Planned Parenthood’ did champion a broad range of reproductive health services to be made available to all women, ’tis true, but what is also true is she was a bloodless eugenicist - Eugenics was a new idea in the 1920′s & very fashionable at the time - and had no problem whatsoever with ridding the world of little black babies and all babies somehow not meeting the ‘breeding’ standards she regarded as worthy to join the human race.

Poor Bob Shieffer.  Now, when he goes to look it up, as Herman exhorted him to do, he may just find the truth behind the decades of Progressive revisionist history.

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