Silence is DEAFENING

May 21 2011

You MUST pay attention to what’s NOT there, because it’s CRITICALLY important.

NOBODY on MSNBC is talking about Herman Cain. Know why? BECAUSE HE’S OBAMA’S WORST NIGHTMARE.

Be aware: Every candidate they MOCK or give “faux” fear to is a candidate they think they can beat. Every candidate they ignore, is a candidate that scares them TO DEATH, and that candidate is Herman Cain. Know why?

They have no argument without the race card. Without the race card, what’s Obama gonna run on? His record.

*snort* Yeah. Right. Like THAT’S a plan! No.

Obama is utterly f*cking LEGLESS against Herman Cain. Herman came from nothing, made something of himself and isn’t BITTER about being black. He LOVES AMERICA and it pours out of him when you hear him speak. He’s actually had to make a payroll. Obama thinks tax credits for green copy machines is actual help for businesses in recession. Please…

In the same way Bibi took Obama to school on Israel in front of the whole world yesterday, Herman will take Obama to school on what it’s like to be AN AMERICAN IN AMERICA.

Obama doesn’t have the first goddamned clue, the bitter, hateful, p.o.s.

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