NYT “The Republican Contest” Comment

Jan 11 2012

I can’t stomach digesting every word of a NYT editorial, so I admit I just skimmed this one, but my eye landed on the weary phrase “failed policies of the past” and it set me off.  Here was a comment I posted there, which they will probably not publish:

This “failed policies of the past” meme has got to stop. It’s not the lovers of big government who spent $15T. Conservative Tea Party types have this madcap notion that crappy companies should be allowed to fail – How do you know Ford wouldn’t have BOUGHT GM and made it even BETTER? When you interfere with the operations of the market, you deny the opportunity for entrepreneurship to flourish.

We also have this madcap idea that WE know how to spend our money on retirement, tuition, healthcare, and mortgages better than the Feds. 

If you’d read the archives of your own d*mned paper, you would be able to track the evolution of the healthcare costs skyrocketing directly, and I would argue as a causation not merely corollary, that it wasn’t until “hospital insurance” was foisted on employers in the 1950′s that medical costs became utterly untenable. Once a third party paying the unknown price tab was involved, it skyrocketed.

My grandfather was a physician in MA for 50 years. The dining table I grew up eating on was handcrafted in mahogany as payment for delivering a craftsman’s eighth child. It was given to my mother and will be given to me, someday.

People managed. They figured it out. THEY TOOK CARE OF THEIR OWN, IN THEIR OWN BACKYARDS.

It didn’t all go to sh*t until Kennedy & progressive Republicans got in there and mucked it all up.

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  • proteus

    Wow, keep on living your pipe dream people, you should form your own government and let a someone like Newt Gingrich be your president. Bet that country would go far! Well done with your heads in the sand. Name calling and scoffing at the greater good must be family values. I don’t mean hand outs either, you dumb @sses, but smart policies that make sense. Neither side is completely right, but buying this right wing lunacy from your Tea Party is a pipe dream. Keep smoking looneys!!

    • http://www.saltusa.com Annie

      Please provide links to the facts I got wrong and I will be delighted to read them in detail and reply in detail.