Me not Thee / Thee not Me

May 08 2011

Below is a comment I just submitted to another stain on Krugman’s insufferable blog… er… I mean, a comment I just submitted to a post on The Conscience of a Liberal (as if there were such a thing).  If it’s not published there, I wanted to be sure it was published here:

Having it both ways? You know what OTHER VSP’s (very special people) had it both ways? John Maynard Keynes, your hero. Me not thee economics was his m.o. in private. He invested. Carefully & well. Know who else was a me not thee? MARX ferkrissakes. He was sustained by wealth accrued through capitalism, which was available to be FREELY given to him (as opposed to FORCIBLY by taxation) to sit on his a** and screw up the world. The BIGGEST me not thee of today? THE OBAMA FAMILY. If it weren’t for a couple of rich white women who lunch, Obama’s father would never have met Obama’s mother. Because of their rich capitalist husbands’ money, available to them to be FREELY GIVEN, they bankrolled much of Obama Senior’s Excellent Adventure in America. Funny, I don’t recall Obama ever making an example of their philanthropy or THANKING THEM for their generosity in a speech. You’d think he’d have their children to the White House for a photo-op, you know? But why would he? Since he started making BIG money on his book, he’s not given a single friggin’ DIME to his welfare aunt here in Boston who lives 100% off our tax money. Brother’s Keeper? THEE NOT ME!


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  • Werbeartikel

    Not my cup of tea.

  • Margherita

    Good information, I will be browsing back again usually to search for upgrades.

  • Twana

    It is very difficult to get skillful persons on that topic, but you sound like you understand exactly what you are posting about! Appreciate it

  • Mike McCarthy

    You realize that the English settlers appropriated the land from the previous owners, the American Indians, right? So their wealth was based on theft.

    Maybe I’m missing something here and your site is really a parody site.

    • Annie

      If you regard the founding of nations in that matrix, than all countries are founded on theft, which is a pretty sophomoric way to view the world, frankly.

  • danie

    Wow you are a shouty person…

    You have a very strange view of the world. It saddens me

  • Rajendra Bisessar

    I always wondered where the wealth came from in the first place. Where the slave masters got their wealth from? Where the feudal lords got their wealth from. I wonder where this huge accumulation of wealth came from? Who are the producers? We are told that we are thankful that there are those who would invest their wealth to create jobs but I wonder if the employed past and present had any role in generating the wealth that has been accumulated over the years?

    I felt in the beginning there was only land and labour and it was labour that acted to produce whatever.

    • Annie

      When the Pilgrims landed in 1620, they just settled their poor fannies wherever they STOPPED and said MINE. As to the producers, if you have the stones to risk everything, the smarts to take out all the necessary papers, licenses, credit lines, insurance, etc, then pay yourself last, after work 80 hours per week for who knows how many years, you SHOULD get more than the people who work for you! This notion that it’s not fair is infantile, frankly (and I am not intimating in any way that you are by expressing such propaganda out loud). There will always be someone smarter than you, more daring than you, luckier than you, etc. If you want to BE that guy, then TRY, but don’t WHINE because life isn’t FAIR. Life will NEVER be fair… and thus the struggle toward individual excellence continues.