Morning Joe and Fox & Friends are OFF

Nov 16 2011

I can’t take it anymore; the lying - just flat-out lying, which is bad enough, and frequent enough, every quarter-hour in fact, but the fun-house mirror bullsh*t that flies out of people’s mouths unchecked and unchallenged by a single one of the 4 or 5 people around the table who should know better, has reached critical mass for me.  It’s just no longer tolerable.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, that communist tart, and I mean both communist & tart quite literally – and can prove the former – uttered the phrase “They’re a destructive force, not a constructive one” just as I flipped over to Morning Joe.  I was shocked.  Silly me. I thought she was referring to OWS… She was referring to House Tea Party Republicans! AHHHHH!

That tore it.

That utterance was so, clearly, demonstrably, provably, upside-goddamned-down insane, such a gross, ugly, willful perversion of the prima-f*cking-facie truth, I snapped.

Time to save my blood-pressure, health in general, and sanity. Time for a lifestyle change.  Time to just listen to some ’70′s music and mellow the f*ck out.

I usually spend the hours between 6am and 9am flipping between Morning Joe & Fox & Friends.  The former to see what sort of propaganda we have to fight, and the latter in the hope I might actually learn something from some actual reporting or analysis.

They’ve both devolved into intolerable cr*p.  Fox, less so, because at least they have “The Polynesian Pitbull,” Michelle Malkin on, or, occasionally Dr. Thomas Sowell, who is a national treasure.  But since Glenn Beck left the network, they’ve lost their balls.  Just flat-out lost ‘em.

And can we get the Fox women out of the Saturday Night Fever wardrobe rejects and into some f*cking St. John? Please????  You mean to tell me they can’t work a couture credit and make these women look decent?  Really? They dress them up like whores.

I’m disgusted with the whole lot of them.

Tantrum over.

Now back to my commercial-free, all 1970′s HD radio station.

Rock out.

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  • Annie Ashe Fields


    And your point is? :)

  • Joe Gould

    Do you prefer cardboard or steel emery boards to file down the callouses on your knuckles?