What “R” & “D” Mean to OWS

Nov 07 2011

If all the rich lefties on television think Occupy Wall Street isn’t a dangerous roving mob, they’d better wake up.  Rapidly.

They’re not animated by ‘D’ for ‘Democrat.’  They’re not going to mob-walk to rich Republicans’ Manhattan townhouses while walking past George Soros’ townhouse forever.  They’re just targeting the ‘least-friendlies’ first.

They’re animated by ‘Rage.’  That’s the ‘R’ we all need to worry about.

Obama’s fixed-pie demagoguery has worked.  They really believe that because Bill Gates made $100,000 in interest just while sleeping last night, they are $100,000 poorer.

Marxism’s evil really is beautiful, isn’t it?  You have to admire it.

Yeah… Well, the Marxist OWS cheerleaders on MSNBC may well be ‘admiring’ it while dialing 911 for a ‘pig’ to come clear their front door of the OWS mob when they show up for their ‘fair share.’  Here’s a clue, kids:  Your Manhattan doorman might save you in New York, but they know where your country house is, too.

Let me help you, Mika, etc.  Walking out on the front porch and saying, ‘But…  but… I like you!  I’m one of you.’ doesn’t change the their lyin’ eyes.  You’re not one of them. You have stuff they want and it’s only fair they take it.

Got it?

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  • 26cx

    You’re right: this is exactly what’s going to happen if  these folks aren’t stopped.

    • http://www.saltusa.com Annie Ashe Fields

      I don’t know how it couldn’t, and I’m astonished to my core that they can’t see it coming.

      • 26cx

        My guess is that they began thinking that the demonstrations would be something that they could leverage for the elections next year and that any problems that arose could be explained away by blaming “outsiders”.  Now that there are real problems surfacing, the liberals will try to distance themselves by saying “look how bad things are because of what Wall Street & etc. were doing.”  Some folks have mentioned this perhaps being the kind of crisis that Rahm Emanuel was looking for and the Democrats will try to leverage it to their advantage.

        The remedy for all this is exactly what Giuliani was doing: hang OWS around the necks of Obama and Pelosi and all the other Dems who announced their support and make them responsible for what goes wrong.

        I hope Law and Order starts breaking out pretty soon because one of those idiots in Colorado torched some buildings 3 blocks away from where my daughter and her husband live.

        • http://www.saltusa.com Annie Ashe Fields

          I’m so sorry to hear that about violence near your precious daughter.  My baby, my oldest, just turned 15 yesterday.  My twin girls will be 13 on Thursday.  I’m sick – SICK – about the America this poseur is sheparding.  It’s GOT to stop in November 2012 or there won’t be anything left.