THINK About This: Obama Would FAIL Background Check to Be on HIS OWN Secret Service Detail

Nov 05 2011 Published by under salt

Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters hits it out of the park, again.  From his story CNN Runs More Stories on Cain ‘Scandal’ in Six Days Than it Did Obama’s Ties to Ayers, Rezko and Wright Combined

‘… Combined (these) ‘scandals’ got roughly four reports a month from CNN.  By comparison, the so-called most trusted name in news has devoted almost 16 stories a day to as yet unproven sexual harassment allegations aimed at Cain.’

So let’s do the math on this, comparing, to borrow a phrase of my man Herman’s, ‘apples to apples’, okay?

4 x per month = 1x per week = 1x per day. (Let’s say.)

16x per day = CNN’s frequency rate on Herman Cain’s non-touching, non-naked, no-pictures, no-threats, no-names, no-specifics, totally anonymous allegations of supposedly doing something wrong in two public places, witnessed by people who won’t say what they supposedly saw even though they are not bound by any legal covenant not to — got it?

So…  CNN’s rate of frequency, for spewing ABSOLUTE BULLCR*P is:

SIXTEEN TIMES - 16x – that of the damning, verifiable, named FELONY SCUM Obama FREELY CHOSE TO ASSOCIATE WITH.

It’s SIXTEEN TIMES more important to spew INNUENDO on a man whose entire life SCREAMS integrity than to send a reporter – like they to did to Wasilla-frickin’-Alaska to investigate a person no longer in public office, where they turned up nothing, btw – to investigate people, who, if a member of the Secret Service had a known association, would disqualify them from their detail protecting the guy who does have these known associations – Got that?

THINK ABOUT THAT:  The guys who are charged with taking a BULLET FOR OBAMA have been BETTER VETTED THAN THE PRESIDENT.  

Secret Service CAN’T HAVE ANY KNOWN ASSOCIATIONS with people or organizations whose stated aim to do violence to the Republic…


Just Google Secret Service background check and navigate to their site, then have a look.  It’s thought-provoking to say the least.

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Obama’s Secret Service Detail Better Vetted than HE Is.

May 11 2011 Published by under salt

The guys assigned to take a bullet for the President have been better vetted than the President. If you are even casually informed about the long, long list of documents the most transparent president in history has not provided (that every other president has, btw) the only reaction while reading through the list below is bitter snickering.

United States Secret Service: Background Investigation Process 20-32

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The guys assigned to take a BULLET for him…

May 11 2011 Published by under salt

…wouldn’t pass even the most superficial background check to even get to the first interview to get the job, if they applied with the President’s resume. Literally. You can’t have any radical associations if you want to protect the President. It’s right there on the website FAQ for the job.  But, evidently, the President can have them, himself. From the February 21, 1996 Hyde Park Herald (Bam-Bam’s neighborhood paper in Chicago).  There’s nothing new in this, except I hadn’t seen this particular clip before, so I thought I’d post it.  The evidence of his radical associations is everywhere, but ssshhhhh…. you don’t want to wake the mainstream media from their little nappy nap with their snuggy fuzzy that feels so very very good all tucked in with their dreams of a socialist utopia.  Nitey nite, snookums.

Obama DSA 1996

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