Cain Confidentiality LIFTED = *crickets*

Nov 04 2011

About an hour ago, the National Restaurant Association lifted the cone of sha – er – silence from the neck of the silent-but-yipping-poodle accuser of Herman Cain’s.

So what has Politico done with the documents it has been so careful to keep under wraps? And what has the woman in question done?


INSIDER SECRET:  Newsrooms have obituaries written in advance, okay?  They have interns keep them updated like resumes, so that when someone drops, they’re first with the news. You don’t think – IF THEY ACTUALLY HAD SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL – that they didn’t have this ready to go on the outside chance the Association broke with long-standing practice and lifted the ban?  

If they actually HAD something it would be a siren on Drudge right now.


You know what happened?  I’ll betcha I know:  This woman, who at the time was 30 according to reports, has had some time to think about her claim.  She has realized in the fullness of time, that she was being a p.c. b*tch, and if she actually stood in the harsh sunlight of scrutiny, 2/3′s of America would adjudge her to be a reckless, shameless wench trying to besmirch the good name of a good man.

I’m bettin’ that’s true.  May take a while to be proven, but I’m bettin’….

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  • 26cx

    It’s pretty obvious that nobody has anything on Cain.  Maybe this will be the equivalent of playing the race card once too often and this will end ir cripple the media’s ability to smear conservatives without any facts.

    I wish the Cain campaign (kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) would have done a better job of handling this.  Maybe they can use it as a learning experience and cut the next attempt off at the knees – and you know there will be more attempts.

    • Annie Ashe Fields

      I got over my trouble with how they “handled” it by realizing this:

      Herman handled it like an HONORABLE man would.  He HONESTLY thought the TRUTH was his shield.  That THE TRUTH would be enough.  He didn’t realize the evil, on both left and right, he was facing.

      He knows now.  He’s hired some help.  It won’t happen again.

      Remember… he’s running his campaign like a business, and even more scrupulously since he’s not yet allowed any debt.  So far, he’s been running strictly on what he’s raised (and given of his own money) so the fact that he didn’t have an office full of $10k per month (the going rate for top rate spin-meisters) people on a bimbo-eruption team does not trouble me.