Transcript/Evidence in Obama/Georgia Birther Case

Jan 30 2012

UPDATE II – January 31, 2012: Came across this sort of all-purpose clearinghouse site for all things birther. If you want to drop into the vortex and not work for a couple of hours, knock yourself out.  It’s a good jumping off point to all the big sites on the subject.


UPDATE I – January 31, 2012:  The link to the transcript is below, but here’s a link to the evidence submitted to the court in support of the testimony.  I defy you to look at it and believe Obama’s bullish*t nativity story.  It’s pretty damning stuff.

I hate the term “birther” but everybody knows what it means, so I used it.

At bottom is a link to the official court transcript of the hearing last Thursday in Georgia; the very first time evidence supporting doubt about Obama’s fantastic nativity story was presented in open court to be adjudged on its merits.  Don’t believe this bullcr*p that “thousands” of case have come before. Not true.  They got tossed before a scrap of paper was put before a judge. This is the first time evidence was put before a judge, to be adjudged on the merits, not tossed PRIOR to a speck of evidence being seen because of the soft-shoe of fancy-pants lawyering.  Again:  this is the first time evidence has been put before a judge.  It’s remarkable that nobody in the MSM gave it coverage, other than to mock it, late at night, if at all.

Also, again, for the record, I do not subscribe to the theory that the problem with Mr. Obama’s records is that he is not a “natural born citizen” due to the British citizenship of his father, nor that he was born somewhere other than in the United States. I absolutely believe he was born in Hawaii.  It’s AFTER that the problem begins. My own pet theory is that he was adopted in Indonesia, thereby voiding his original cert, so the one he released is “fake but accurate” if you know what I mean – and I think you do!  Links to my previous posts on the matter are here & here & here.

SO!  Here is the link to the transcript.

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  • Steven Marquis

    I’m not sure what you don’t get about the citizenship compromise due to his supposed father. The whole point was to preclude a “son” of King George from sitting on the American citadel of power. When your father is from another nation you have the potential – no even the likelihood for divided loyalties. Natural Born means ‘without statute’. In the case of these dual citizens that Obama claims to be, their citizenship status is heavily clouded by numerous and changing rules and statues. This is not so complicated after all. While the potential for certificate and SSI fraud and deceit seems obvious, they are complicated – hard to prove. The intent of Article II was clear; they wanted someone raised and acculturated by loyal citizens with no ties to the old country.That’s really the end of the story right there. It would seem that King George finally got his revenge
    Steve Marquis

    • Annie Ashe Fields

      Mostly because it’s not quick and dirty enough. The identity fraud path is pretty straightforward and easier to prove. The other has more hair on it.