Evil Thought

Jan 16 2012

Well, not my evil thought, but my thought of what evil Obama has up his sleeve.

It occurred to me today that we’ve been wrong to worry about Obama suspending the election somehow. The blogosphere was ablaze with speculation prior to the mid-terms that he might do something to forestall his “shellacking,” and though I haven’t really trolled much of late, I suspect it is ablaze now with similar talk with November 2012 at hand. The usual conspiracy theories are martial law or military action that prevents us from having “safe and fair” elections so the Boy-King can retain power.

But while I was driving today, and thinking, as we are wont to do while driving, it hit me: Obama’s not going to do a pre-emptive strike. He’s a Progressive Magician. He will do whatever is necessary to provide the veneer of legitimacy – BEFORE November 6th. But after?


If Obama is a lame duck President come sunrise November 7th, THAT’S when he’ll pounce. Not that morning, of course. That would be too obvious. But before January 20th when he has to sit on the deus watching President-elect Romney get sworn in.

He’ll do everything he can to beg, borrow, or steal a “legitimate” election, but if he loses, he will do something AFTER the loss to hold on to power, but NOT BEFORE.

Adding to the weight of my theory is also his narcissism. He’ll believe until the last vote is counted that he’s America’s sweetheart.

Also, Paul Guercio’s “Merlin” chart has been nagging at me. Why does Obama/Biden’s timeline extend so strongly for about 6 months into January 2013? Is it because they’ve done something to stay in power? Something which will ultimately come undone mid-2013?

It really bugs me.

Just my 2 cents.

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