Principles, Shminciples

May 04 2011

A unilateral kill order, issued from the Executive branch without congressional approval, inside the border of a sovereign nation, an ally (however flawed), based on intel gleaned from water-boarding both in and out of Gitmo…

…and Democrats celebrate?

Who took the red pill? Is there a WayBack Machine gone rogue somewhere? Did somebody fire up HAARP and target their brains?

What the…?

For the record: EXCELLENT. It took giant, big, brass, clacking ones for Obama to make that decision and he gets huge, huge, huge, props for making it, but…

…and this is a big one…

He should have kept his goddamned mouth shut about it. I’m not so naive as to think that these things don’t happen, but they happen best quietly, with some sort of really, bullet-proof (pardon the pun) cover story that only years, even a generation later, is revealed to be a covert-op.

Morally, Obama wins. But the Constitution of the United States of America, as wrapped around this Executive Action despoils that great document.

Again, I have no problem with what he did. I have a problem with using the law as cover. There was nothing lawful about it. Moral, yes. Lawful, no.

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