Fragment of a Farrrrout Conspiracy Theory

May 07 2011 Published by under salt

Okay, so I get up early this morning and turn on the radio. Not just any radio, but my handy-dandy iPad internet radio, using one of the great, free apps of all time, especially as it relates to internet radio listening, TuneIn, and catch a little Michael Medved.  I’ve only recently stumbled on him, though I’d been aware of him for quite some time.  If I’m up early on weekends (which I usually am), I can find a best of Medved on a station out of Sacto.  The guy’s pitch perfect on free market capitalism.  Beyond that, I don’t know much about him, but he let fly about 60 seconds of something this morning I wish I’d rewound and listened to again before I lost the cache of it.  It went by fast, and my apologies for my utter ignorance on these matters, but it was just so damned interesting I had to share.  Again, my apologies to him and to everyone reading this who know way more about these matters than I do and that’s gotta be everyone.

The conspiracy theory goes that the reason the CIA-hatched-op to get Bin Laden chose the name of the getting of him as Geronimo is that the original Geronimo, you know, the Indian, has a place of distinct honor among those in the know.  Seems his skull, like, the real, actual skull, is in the custody of the heavily CIA steeped Skull & Bones society, thus the name, and that the plan was to get Bin Laden’s skull and make that the new grail of sorts, of this secret society.

Like I said, I know zip, nada, nothing about Skull & Bones, and only caught a fragment of this on Medved’s best-of this morning, so who the hell knows.  I just thought it was fun.

BTW:  He’s got a couple of books I just started reading and they’re brilliant. BOTH knock down progressive propaganda on capitalism. They are without a doubt the best, most concise, most focused, and undeniably sensible on the subject I’ve ever seen.  I’m looking forward to finishing them both.


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May 04 2011 Published by under salt

Obama just announced he would NOT release a photo of the dead Osama Bin Laden because he’s “not a trophy.”  

Okay… but Obama said that the reason he chose an incredibly risky Navy Seal incursion was so that he could secure PROOF he was dead, and presumably, to limit civilian casualities.  Taken together, there’s certainly a reasonable case to be made for that approach.

But, if after all that, you’re not going to release the damned photo, then what you did was choose the safety of Osama Bin Laden’s loved ones OVER the safety of AMERICAN loved ones, namely, the NAVY SEALS, who, at top pay grade, make $55k per year.

Guess it ain’t much to lose one, huh Mr. President?

If you change your story yet again, and tell us is was to secure the so-called treasure trove of intelligence,  I’m sure MSNBC and the rest of the whore-media will help you skate away on that one.

…I’m disgusted…

He’d better find the secret to life, the God-particle, the secret to alchemy, Atlantis and friggin’ Jimmy Hoffa in that hut to justify risking American fannies for “proof” NOBODY gets to see.  We’re just supposed to trust the king, huh?  Didn’t we quit England because of this sh*t?  

The intelligence they gathered had better be good, because so far, it’s all been about “him” needing proof, that only “he” can see, that he will take a victory lap for in lower Manhattan tomorrow.

Oh, and heads up to the clueless media:  President Bush declined the invitation to join Obama at Ground Zero tomorrow because he has… Ready?  Here it comes.  We’ll take it slow…  


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Principles, Shminciples

May 04 2011 Published by under salt

A unilateral kill order, issued from the Executive branch without congressional approval, inside the border of a sovereign nation, an ally (however flawed), based on intel gleaned from water-boarding both in and out of Gitmo…

…and Democrats celebrate?

Who took the red pill? Is there a WayBack Machine gone rogue somewhere? Did somebody fire up HAARP and target their brains?

What the…?

For the record: EXCELLENT. It took giant, big, brass, clacking ones for Obama to make that decision and he gets huge, huge, huge, props for making it, but…

…and this is a big one…

He should have kept his goddamned mouth shut about it. I’m not so naive as to think that these things don’t happen, but they happen best quietly, with some sort of really, bullet-proof (pardon the pun) cover story that only years, even a generation later, is revealed to be a covert-op.

Morally, Obama wins. But the Constitution of the United States of America, as wrapped around this Executive Action despoils that great document.

Again, I have no problem with what he did. I have a problem with using the law as cover. There was nothing lawful about it. Moral, yes. Lawful, no.

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May 02 2011 Published by under salt

The Navy Seals dropped into his no-phone / no-internet compound in Pakistan and put a bullet through his left eye while he held a woman in front him as a human shield… the cowardly bastard.  She died, his son died, his courier and the courier’s brother died.  May he rot in hell.

And to the brave men & women who were harmed or died in the pursuit of the war on terror and to all the people who love them or mourn their loss, may the angels embrace you warmly and give you comfort in this life and the next on this news in the name of your countrymen and in the cause of the preservation man’s freedom.  From the purest heart of the greatest nation on earth, thank you for your service & sacrifice.

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