Crowd Source Blues

Oct 08 2011 Published by under salt

Remember when Sarah Palin’s emails were released?  You know… Sarah Palin who holds no political office whatsoever… but the NYT and every other progressive rag ‘crowd sourced’ the public to paw through them like it was some noble idea to save the world from right-wing evil in old emails… then found ZIP-NOTHING-NADA?

The White House did a 1,000 page document dump of emails, etc. last night regarding Solyndra… You know… the HALF BILLION crony-capitalism-green-hell- eco-justice boondoggle of Obama’s?  A HALF BILLION of the PEOPLE’$ MONEY just flushed down the compost toilet for a project EVERYBODY KNEW was based on the super-smart-genius business model of making something that cost $6, selling it for $3, then hoping the super-smart-genius-magic-math fairy would make ‘enough’ profit to be sustainable but not so much as to be immoral to the super-smart-genius-benevolent-despots who slimed it through?

How come we’re not being called upon to crowd source THAT?  Hmmmmm?????

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