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Nov 10 2011 Published by under salt

Really?  This is the message we want to send our young women?  And men?  About our young women?  In an ad about the personal empowerment and value of education?
bed -> porn
Every time the first dopey girl on the left came on t.v. everyone in my house instantly hit the ‘mute’ button because it was too painful to listen to her vacuousness. But the entrance of Shannen Doherty (on the right) – who I remember ‘fondly’ from the 1980′s and the wonderfully campy Lifetime movie ‘Obsession’ – brought it to a whole new level of porn.

Look at that picture on the right!  Does that not look like the cover of a porn film?  Like that’s a breakaway suit, only seconds away from being ripped off and ready for her crotch shot, Mr. Demille?

How about this, instead:  A girl coming off the track, having just been told by her coach she just hit her personal best.  She then is shown reading her iPad on-line school stuff on her way to her volunteer tutor job helping an illiterate learn to read. She’s then home, helping Mom & Dad at dinner, maybe clearing dishes.  Then at her desktop computer, with her on-line school, maybe resulting in making flash-cards to study in the next frame with her younger sister who really admires her smart, older sister.  We then see her off to a job at some do-good agency (if you like) where she has some actual responsibility, a paycheck, and a cute little apartment she can now afford, where she is seen laughing with her friends…

THAT has the whiff of something I would want my 15, 13, 13 year old daughters to EMULATE.  To WANT to BE LIKE.  But this?  This vapid, vacuous, stupid, slutty thing?


Men are still responsible for their own behavior, but given the news of these last two weeks, this does not exactly incentivize our men co-workers to keep their paws to themselves, does it?  I would bet my house no woman with a daughter had a hand in approving these ads.  If there were, she might want to rethink what the hell it is she’s endorsing.

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