Sunstein Says Obama Can Ignore SCOTUS?

Apr 08 2012 Published by under salt

I’m not an attorney, so I’m a bit out of my depth here, but this 2006 paper by “the most dangerous man in America” appears to argue that the President can ignore The Supreme Court…  Please tell me if I am right, if you do, actually, plow through it.  I’ve only skimmed it very superficially. 
Cass R. Sunstein – Beyond Marbury: The Executive’s Power To Say What the Law Is

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How Much More Do You Need to Hear, America?

Apr 03 2012 Published by under salt

This President is not fit to inhabit his office. He is rogue. He is openly, nakedly contemptuous of our system of government.

He mounts an actual campaign, with an actual name “We Can’t Wait” announcing in bold headlines his intent to do an end run around one branch, 1/3 of our system of power, congress.

He stands in the Rose Garden yesterday daring the other 1/3 to tell him “no” via an adjudication of ObamaCare.

He has 26 states – more than half the country – suing him over any number of policies, most notably ObamaCare.

He has violated the rule of law so many times, breached ethics so grievously, they are literally too voluminous to list in a brief blog post – any ONE of which would have elicited SCREECHING HOWLS from the left had the very same things been said & done by a President with an “R” after his name.

This man is temperamentally unfit to lead this great nation. I happened to think he’s a dangerous narcissistic sociopath on top of it.

We’ve GOT to vote him out in November.

America’s life depends on it.

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Born Twice?

Feb 08 2012 Published by under salt

The birthers may get a second bite at the apple… and the last laugh depending upon who the V.P. pick is.

Reading this article on Marco Rubio, it occurs to me that the Democrats, who started the whole birther thing though nobody ever remembers it that way (the Clintons lit that match during the primary), may challenge whoever the pick is, because I’d bet my last dollar it will be a politically correct minority in order to kneecap Obama’s certain playing of the race card.  That’s not to say Bam won’t use it anyway, but an “ethnic”  V.P. will add a helpful strain of incredulity to every card in his deck.

The really hard core birthers assert that because Obama’s dad was a British citizen at the time of birth, and his mother was not yet the age of majority, his citizenship is British.  They keep pointing to this SCOTUS precedent of Minor v Happersett that supposedly settled it, and I can see their point, but I can’t get past the whole “anchor baby” problem inherent in it.  In order to believe that their argument is sound, you would then have to believe that every baby born on American soil not of two parents who are citizens, is not a “natural born citizen” and that’s millions of precedents literally walking around…  I just don’t see how you can get past that.  There’s paper law, then there’s law with “lungs” – millions of them, living and breathing, with rights.  How do you strip them of them?

I just don’t know how it would all work, but I’m not a lawyer, I have the added complication of having Asperger’s which makes me very literal, and given to huge misses.  I’ve been known to miss BIG on things that are obvious to others, so I’ve long ago stopped be so damned certain about everything.

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