Obama / Feinstein 2012?

Aug 20 2012 Published by under salt

If Joe’s gotta go, and Hillary’s a no-go, then Senator Diane Feinstein would be a formidable choice.

She’s pissed at Obama for the egregious, (I say treasonous) leaks over which she has oversight as a senior member of the Intelligence Committee. I believe she also sits on Foreign Relations. Even apart from her impressive credentials and her (liberal!) politics, however, she’s no intellectual slouch. She’s been a solid Democrat, solid Senator, and gracious leader. She would be an excellent choice (dammit).

It was also her house in Georgetown where the deal was done to make Hillary Secretary of State and not the VP in late 2008. It was her dining room, reportedly, where those discussions took place.

She was also a latecomer to ObamaCare and had to be dragged over the finish line. She negotiated more water for the Central Valley farmers who were drying up due to the stupid Delta Smelt.

All of this is indicative of a close relationship & a covenant of trust between Obama & the Senator. The kind of relationship where he might call her and say “If you lay off me about my treasonous leaks, I’ll put you on the ticket.”

Remember where you heard it first.

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Regarding Saturday’s Debate

Nov 13 2011 Published by under salt

Regarding tonights’ GOP Foreign Policy Debate:

Could Scott Pelley be less likable?

Maybe it’s because he knows he’s just the cheap sloppy seconds after they unloaded expensive Katie Katrinka there at CBS.  I wanted to slap him.  Several times.

And Murrow must be turning over in his grave that they chopped off the last 30 minutes!  What the hell?!

Nobody made any headlines tonight, good or bad.

Herman’s got to be luckiest guy alive because this is his weakest thing, the debate was on a Saturday night, which is a graveyard for this kind of television, and they only broadcast 2/3′s of it!  Plus, they didn’t pig-pile on him, so all in all, a lukewarm, not great, but not horrible night for Cain.

Kinda hard for lefties to get all snotty about anyone up there not having foreign policy chops on the same day their guy, our President, while on his Pacific/Asia trip, couldn’t pronounce Khe Sanh…

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