Obama / Feinstein 2012?

Aug 20 2012 Published by under salt

If Joe’s gotta go, and Hillary’s a no-go, then Senator Diane Feinstein would be a formidable choice.

She’s pissed at Obama for the egregious, (I say treasonous) leaks over which she has oversight as a senior member of the Intelligence Committee. I believe she also sits on Foreign Relations. Even apart from her impressive credentials and her (liberal!) politics, however, she’s no intellectual slouch. She’s been a solid Democrat, solid Senator, and gracious leader. She would be an excellent choice (dammit).

It was also her house in Georgetown where the deal was done to make Hillary Secretary of State and not the VP in late 2008. It was her dining room, reportedly, where those discussions took place.

She was also a latecomer to ObamaCare and had to be dragged over the finish line. She negotiated more water for the Central Valley farmers who were drying up due to the stupid Delta Smelt.

All of this is indicative of a close relationship & a covenant of trust between Obama & the Senator. The kind of relationship where he might call her and say “If you lay off me about my treasonous leaks, I’ll put you on the ticket.”

Remember where you heard it first.

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Bloodless Tyrant Obama Denies Americans WATER

Nov 01 2011 Published by under salt

I came across this (transcript of a) Hugh Hewitt – Daryl Issa interview including a discussion of ‘The Congressional Dustbowl’ quite by accident and was thrilled to hear it! I’ve been following this story since it’s inception in February of 2009.

If you are not familiar, in short, the President did what only bloodless tyrants have done – deprived his own people of water.  Water!  Got that?  For the first time in the history of the water project in the Central Valley of California, the farmers who are responsible for 50% – got that? – HALF of our entire nation’s fruits & vegetables, were denied the necessary water for irrigation to farm.  Vines that it had taken 100 years to cultivate were turned into kindling.  Got that?  It will take a hundred years to fix some of this.  Family farms that had been in operation for generations were wiped out.  The people Obama is supposed to be a champion for, illegals & the poor, in food line. Got that?  Food lines in the nation’s richest, most productive farmland.  Unemployment there, which, admittedly, does have regular, seasonal highs due to the nature of the industry there, has doubled to unimaginable highs of 35 – 40%!  

And why?  To protect a bait fish called the Delta Smelt.  Senator Feinstein was able to finagle 50% of the needed water in order to force something she wanted into Obamacare – got that?  Not because people / farmland were devastated & suffering and it was the right thing to do, but because it was politically expedient - so some relief has come since the taps were turned off the year prior, but by then, it was too late.  Much of the damage that had been done was irretrievable.

You know what happens when a nation’s leaders deprive their people of water & farming?  There are reports of widespread famine in North Korea.  Reports of women eating their own children to survive.  Yeah – you read that right.  Go check The Blaze.  It’s there.  I’m not suggesting that Obama wants this or that it will come here, but good God.  History teaches us that only soulless leaders do this.


HH: Now Chairman Issa, your colleagues from the Central Valley, both Democrat and Republican, must be very interested in the fact that you are interested in the Delta Smelt and the government-ordered drought that has been fixing, hurting farmers there for so long. What do you expect to accomplish? Do you expect to get the Department of the Interior to turn the water back on in the Central Valley?

DI: Well, we expect that they’ll begin asking the question of how much longer are you going to have Californians suffering, and disproportionately poorer Californians, the tens of thousands of farm workers who are laid off or unable to find work. The unemployment rate in those areas is just huge. I’m optimistic in so many things, Hugh. My belief is that at some point, they’re going to realize that people matter more than Smelt, particularly when the science does not support that this bait fish has a direct link to any endangered species. And that’s the part people keep forgetting. We’re not protecting an endangered species. We’re protecting bait that may or may not lead to some other species not being as plentiful. And that’s what’s so absurd about the Department of Interior and this whole turning off the water. The other thing, and Hugh, I want to make a point. I drive through the Central Valley, I see those things, and they call it a Congressional dust bowl.

HH: Yeah.

DI: Now it’s not a Congressional dust bowl. It’s the administration’s dust bowl. This is being done not because of a specific mandate of Congress, but because of a bad interpretation under this administration that’s affecting both Republicans and Democrats. And quite frankly, it has to be changed.

**BONUS: You know what’s happened to some of that now un-farmable land? It’s been sold – to solar / wind farms. That’s right. There was even a quote in The New York Times from a greenie saying they’ve been looking at that land for ‘decades’ that it’s ‘the best spot in California’ to place solar / wind farms’ and they’re hoping another ’300,000 acres’ becomes available. Gosh…  Ya THINK this was on purpose?

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