Reich’s Jiggling Load of Booger Snot

Dec 21 2011 Published by under salt

Over at The Daily Beast, Robert Reich (pronounce:  ”Ryssssshhhhhhhhhhh-eh”) posted yet another jiggling load of booger-snot I just had to comment on.  If you have a couple of minutes of your life you are willing to waste on him & never get back, go ahead and read it, but suffice to say it’s the usual “Tea Party conservatives in the House are racist” baseless inanity we’re going to see exponentially more of in the coming months.  Below is the comment I left beneath the article he entitled: “The GOP’s Dangerous Divide - White Southern Radicals are Threatening to Take over the Party Once and For All.”

DEMOCRATS, of the southern variety, were so sure that dark-pigmented PEOPLE were PROPERTY, they picked up weapons against their countrymen to KEEP that property – An irony considering how HOT they all are NOW to strip the rest of us of our inanimate property in the name of “social justice.”

DEMOCRATS started the KKK as their terrorist arm to abuse, frighten, harm, and kill dark-pigmented people, both Democrat & Republican, and those who supported dark-pigmented people.

DEMOCRATS filibustered the civil rights acts of 1964 & 1965.

DEMOCRATS like Al Gore Senior, JFK, RFK, LBJ, FDR, Wilson and many MANY others now DEIFIED in the Democrat party held UGLY, demonstrably, provably, RACIST views of dark-pigmented people.

DEMOCRATS did not field a dark-pigmented member of the Senate or Congress until DECADES after Reconstruction. ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WHO WERE BLACK WERE REPUBLICAN until then… AND THOSE MEMBERS WERE POSSESSED OF THE DIGNITY OF MAN AND OVERWHELMINGLY *OPPOSED* TO RACE-BASED POLICY OF ANY KIND. See the speeches of Rainey, and Cain, just for starters.

DEMOCRATS are the party of BIG GOVERNMENT and BIG GOVERNMENT is the ONLY ENTITY who can deprive a man BY FORCE of his FREEDOM or his MONEY. NO COMPANY ON AMERICAN SOIL EVER FORCED a man to do something he did not VOLUNTARILY agree to do. ONLY GOV’T does that.

So STUFF your facile reasoning, and sophomoric attacks.

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“Congress must” act by December 16th “to avoid a shutdown” AGAIN

Dec 10 2011 Published by under salt

Well, here we are again:

“The government runs out of money on Dec. 16, and Congress must pass a funding bill to avoid a shutdown.”

It will never happen, because these guys would have to pass this on themselves, but here’s what the rules ought to be:

These funding bills must be ready for the President’s signature 30 business days prior to the deadline, and if they are not, perks start to disappear.  Like Pelosi’s flights across country on the taxpayer’s dime.  Like Clyburn’s taxpayer funded car.  There needs to be a list set up with a clear accounting of each leadership member’s perks, then start picking them off, in order of value, one after the other for every day they go past the deadline.  For the first week, it will involve leadership only, then after that, congress in general.

If you keep it to leadership, that prevents the tyranny of the minority. It incentivizes leadership to actually lead, build consensus, and get something friggin’ done.  After a week, well, then it’s everybody’s fault.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that there is some rule in place – perhaps even in the constitution (!) – that you can’t financially penalize these guys – salary wise – for not doing their jobs, but some kind of mechanism punishing these morons needs to be in place. Besides, too many of them are like John Kerry; they wouldn’t feel it.  Best to hit ‘em where they live, in the perk department.

Conversely, you could set up a reward system, too.  Nothing big, because simply doing their jobs ought not to be rewarded, but something on the order of an extra 1% to each member’s office budget could be added if they get it done on time.  It’s not much, but enough to reward unpaid pages with a little something, or who knows, but it’s enough to matter to them, but not enough to matter to us.

Good grief.

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