Cain Accuser “Wary” of Scrutiny – DUH.

Nov 02 2011 Published by under salt

AP is now reporting the supposedly chomping-at-the-bit-with-righteous-indignation-gold-digging-tart is now ‘wary’ of coming forward with her bullsh*t claim on Herman Cain.


Her story is CRAP and she knows it can’t stand scrutiny.  How much more CONVENIENT to hide behind vague innuendo, right?

I have been all over The Politico, Real Clear, everywhere I could leave a comment DARING this woman, BEGGING this woman to come forward.  Know why?

Because I knew it was CRAP.  

I KNEW her story was CRAP because I know this:

If you rely on the conservative maxim that more speech is the answer to the ‘problem’ of free speech it never, ever, ever fails people of principle…

and sends those not so situated scurrying back into the dark where they belong.

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Difference btwn Conservatives & Progressives

Oct 09 2011 Published by under salt

George Will: ‘I wish the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators long life and ample publicity’

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He went on to say, in short, it inures to our benefit.

There it is. Conservatives have the luxury of serene confidence that our arguments, given the sunlight of time, will endure and prevail. Because we’re right; that is to say, correct.

That’s why proggies are so hot to crush free speech. They know that if they don’t control it, their side will self-destruct under scrutiny. Which is exactly what these useful idiots in the OWS movement are doing when news photographers catch them literally cr*pping on a police car. They’re fouling up public spaces, closing down museums, frightening away tourism and commerce in every city they show up in… They’re vile, awful, ignorant people…

…losing the argument, very, very publicly.

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