Michelle’s Mad Messaging Skills

Dec 23 2011

From The Hill, the headline reads “(Michelle) Bachmann: Romney and Gingrich are Health Law’s ‘Father and Grandfather‘”

What an awesome way to frame those little factoids!

Just the other day I saw her on with Monica Crowley who suggested to her that there was a tinge of sexism in the Iowa caucus leader who asked her, and not Santorum who she has consistently out-polled, to step aside so Santorum (or someone else, presumably) could benefit.  (Never-mind that she won the stinking straw poll!) Man, she took that softball and slammed it out the park!  She started talking about women political leaders being taken seriously, and how she hoped to emulate trailblazing conservative Margaret Thatcher, thus brilliantly riding the pop culture mojo out there on the well-reviewed Meryl Streep performance in theaters now, and thus, linking her name with Thatcher’s in voters’ minds.

The week before she had a brilliant debate performance with the “Newt Romney” thing, linking them together in the voters’ minds in one political, unpalatable knot!  The girl’s got game!

I still don’t know if I see her as President, but I damned sure agree with 95% of what she says and stands for and have no doubt she means what she says and says what she means.  Thus, I have no doubt about what she would do every single day in the White House, unlike the fraud we have in there now… and many, of both parties, before him.

Santorum’s just too angry for me.  I just can’t get past his prickly, holier-than-thou attitudes, even though, largely, I agree with them! He just seems like a pr*ck!  I can’t get past that!  And I don’t think his roots are as resistant to D.C. rot as, say, Bachmann’s are.  I think he could be bought.

Huntsman just p*sses me off every time I just look at his face.  It’s visceral.  I skeeve the guy.  Too smarmy.

Perry’s “heartless” & Gardasil things are deal breakers for me.  I’ll vote for him if he is the nominee, but not in the primary.

So that leaves Newt & Mitt.  My head says Mitt.  My “go wipe the floor with Barry in a debate” heart says Newt.  I keep coming back to the fact that the number one, numero uno, no question, absolute top priority for America is to turn this economy around and there’s nobody on that stage who is a better turnaround guy than Mitt.  He’s hugely talented at making fiscal lemonade out of fiscal lemons and damn!  We need that huge right now.

Perhaps Turn-around Guru Mitt for President and Navigate-the-Hill Newt for V.P.?  Dream ticket?  Don’t think there’s any love lost between them, but it would be a practical pairing, yes?

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