Hristo Voynov, The Sage of Zuccotti Park

Nov 17 2011

You can’t make this stuff, up.  Seriously.

OWS is down there at Wall & Broad demanding, through violence and intimidation, that the government forcibly confiscate the earnings the “rich” have worked for, right?

And while you might have a self-righteous coffee-house row over whether or not the Wall Street guys’ making money with money is “moral,”or “legitimate,” the rich, as a group, didn’t get rich by pulling an Ocean’s 11. They - even the evil Wall Street types - even OWS would concede (it’s inarguable fact) – had to study wicked complex economics & accounting at wicked hard schools to get that smart to be entrusted with that much control over that much money, so, by definition, really did work for what they have, whether or not they – morally – “deserve” it.  The whole thing just feels icky, and it’s just not “fair,” right? Okay…

Meet The Sage of Zuccotti Park, poor, disillusioned Hristo Voynov:

From Thursday’s New York Times article, “After Day of Quiet, More ‘Occupy’ Protests Planned”:

“‘Everything we had here, everything we worked for is gone,’ said Hristo Voynov, 18…”

Poor Hristo. It’s just not right that the government should confiscate what you have worked to earn. The least they could do, having forcibly confiscated what you have earned through your hard work, is to redistribute it to someone oppressed, right?

Hey, Hristo… You were only in Zuccotti Park for 2 months.

Try 20, 30, 40, or 50 years of work then have the government take half.  And that’s while you are alive.  

And while you are alive, busting your ass, you get to go home after a long day and you get to watch a putz like former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) go on t.v. – and I saw this live and remember it vividly – say that you shouldn’t get to leave a penny of it to your children.

That’s right.  100% of what you “worked for” – not just for 2 months in Zuccotti Park – but over a lifetime, should be confiscated by the government upon your death.

So, after spending a lifetime busting your ass, having half of it taken from you along the way, these a**holes really, truly, genuinely, shamelessly, out loud, on television, believe & say in English words we can all understand: 

“You have no right to determine the disposition of your life’s work.”

Why? I swear to you this is what Weiner said.  You can look it up. Why don’t you have the right to determine the dispositon of your life’s work? Why should the government get 100% of it after all that?

“Your’e dead.”

“You have no rights.”

I swear to God I saw him say it.   

So stuff your infantile commie bullcrap about the 1%.  Man up.  Get a job.  Work hard.  Build something.  Offer other men jobs. Take care of your wife & pay your childrens’ tuiton and shut the f*ck up about the 1%.

Whah?  What’s that?  ”They” have too much?


What’s “enough?”

Who gets to decide?

You see the problem, don’t you Hristo?

Quite apart from the fact that that kind of thinking is, down its cellular level, fundamentally anti-thetical to the optimistic, “work hard and make it big” American Dream spirit that built this country.  Why bust your ass if there’s a ceiling?  Huh?  Why risk everything you own to start a business if there’s a ceiling?  Why not just work just enough to save just enough then just die?

It’s not selfishness, you communist child, that, as a rule, motivates America’s rich, because what you’ve so cynically left out of your assessment of them is that they’re also America’s dreamers… Got it?  They have a goal.  They’ve found something they love to do that they are really really good at it so they will bust their ass to be the best at it.

For the best among them, it’s not even work.  For them, it falls into the category of “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life - and the money will follow.”

That’s the reward.  The money is secondary. A damneclose, reallyclose, superclose, second, I grant you, but second. They understood how it works in America – which brings me back to my original point – Be the best, and you get rich.

It’s the America Dream – our Real Social Contract, you moron.

But back to the rich, because you really, really, really don’t get this, Hristo:  They may have even spent 6, or 8, or 10 years studying it (the thing they love & and good at) perhaps for big tuition, to learn the finer points of it.  Reading, interning, absorbing everything they could possibly learn about their chosen field for 20 hours a day, for 6, or 8, or 10 years.  Whether it’s actuarial tables, international currency, or kidney disease.

I can’t walk into a Wall Street brokerage and profitably run a 401k that half of all Americans put their money in any more than I could do an appendectomy.  These people should be paid for their hard-hewned talents, you moron.

Can any one of your OWS buddies do those things?  No.  Life isn’t fair.  (Didn’t your mother ever tell you that?)

It never will be.  No matter who’s President.  

Some people will never earn more than $10 bucks an hour.  That’s the way it is.

Sucks to be you.

Or get to work and earn it.

Oh… and you didn’t “work” for anything in Zuccotti Park.  Zuccotti Park’s deed doesn’t have your name on it.

Go figure out what you can do for work everyday that you have some affection and talent for then see where it takes you.  Then you can buy your own Zuccotti Park and let people like you crap all over it.



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  • Hristo

    Blah blah blah, I think you’re stupid and your politics are boring as fuck.

    • Annie Ashe Fields

      Thank you for once again making my point.

      Happy Trails, brother.

      • Hristo Voynov

        Hey! I’m back. Immature, yes, but that was after 3 months of you not responding any of my calls. What was I supposed to do?

        Anyways, I’ll be back here next time I get really bored, feel free to contact me in a more intimate setting.

  • Hristo

    HEY THERE. You refused my polite offer for a conversation between the two of us. Therefore, I declare nonviolent war on you. We will meet again Mrs. Fields, next time on the nonviolent battleFields.

  • Hristo

    So, after browsing through your website and giving it some thought, I would like to ask you if you would be interested in giving me your insight on my questions about the tea party, and me the same about OWS. Because I do have a question or two and I rarely meet an actual tea party supporter, and I’m sure that you would also like to ask me a few questions, rather then just accepting what you see in the news about us. If you’re interested, let me know. If not, oh well.

  • Hristo

    Hello! Hristo Voynov here. I got bored and looked myself up since I had been doing a lot interviews. The only part that offends me here is that I’m used as an intro to Anthony Weiner. I completely agree that that guy is an idiot. But other then that, my only other opinion is that I LOVE that I pissed off a random Tea Party supporter just by standing up for what I believe in, aka, the first amendment. I propose that you go to your local occupation and talk to people. Not everybody’s a crazy anarchist or socialist. There are many people that just want to reform the current state of politics and keep money out of it. Seems like the only info you’re getting about OWS is Fox News though, so I don’t blame you for being misinformed about the movement.

    • Annie

      Hi, cutie. I’m no ignoring you, I just have a life! It’s holiday time. I have three teenage girls to care for and a husband and a dog and two cats … You know… a life! I do appreciate your civility, and it deserves a reply. I just don’t have the time presently, and frankly, the idea bores me a little. We’ll see… But THANK YOU for your thoughtful reply. Sincerely.

  • Newt2012!!!!!!!!

    Hey there, love your blog, but don’t always agree with it. I’m as far right as it gets, so let me get that out of the way first. I think you need to do a little more thinking on the Wall Street businesses…… in fact might be able to manage a 401k every bit as good as these so called geniuses. If you look at their track record of managing money, very, very few ever beat the overall market performance. What people need to be educated about is the Wall Street model is set up to take from the average person and transfer to the wealthy. Overpaid, yes, but only because people are too lazy to do a little research, commom sense thinking, and invest their own money virtually free of commissions and fees. I’m tired of the lefties hammering the rich, (they do pay their fair share), but I’m also tired of the righties defending WS. WS is a ripoff. On a macroeconomic level there are only three ways to create real wealth, mine it, manufacture it, or farm it………..WS does none of those. So, you can see the logical conclusion to that is, WS just transfers wealth. The stock market is a transaction based business, providing nothing more than a great casino where the house makes the sure money, and most of the players leave empty handed.
    Here’s to Obama as a one term president and Newt in 2012!!!!!