Obama’s Bullsh*t Nativity Story

Nov 16 2011

I am not among those who thinks Obama was not born in America.  I think he was.  I think the evidence overwhelmingly points to it, and that the place of the Messiah’s birth is Hawaii.

I long ago heard the theory that he is (pictured at right) Malcom X’s son, and he damned sure looks more like him than Obama Senior (left), but, whatever.

But, even putting all that aside – just forget who is Daddy is or isn’t – that doesn’t mean that his birth certificate is real.  I believe it is “fake but accurate.”  Even put aside the liberal orthodoxy that he isn’t lying about being constitutionally eligible to hold the Office of President of the United States, because that’s actually a separate matter – I believe he is not eligible.  (I’ve posted previously that his sister Maya, who he has had out on the campaign trail, posted on her FB page last spring that he was adopted in Indonesia, which would compromise his status, and explain a lot.  She was “encouraged,” of course, to walk back that post, but you know how it is.  Once it’s out there, it’s forever. Doing a tag/search of “birth certificate” should bring up my previous posts on this matter.)

There are even very real concerns about his Social Security number.  The one that is publicly available from his last tax return failed E-Verify and there are credible reports that it was issued to someone born in CT in 1899!  And that he has had as many as 18 different Social Security numbers!

But this?  This new birther theory?  Wow.  Adds a whole new wrinkle.  This is a conspiracy theory I haven’t come across before and it’s a doozy.



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