Rewriting the Dictionary

Nov 15 2011

Just a couple of the words we thought we all understood until Progressive Social Justice started the rewrite:

GREED:  Greed used to be gluttonous covetousness – no matter who was doing it or why.

Now, if you are in OWS, and just feel wronged, deprived, or otherwise locked out of what you have not been able to earn on your own, it’s not greed they are expressing, it’s righteous indignation at income inequality.

I dunno… In my stupid, simple America, when you look at some guy who’s done well and rage “GIMME!!,” that’s GREED. Dangerous greed, based on an utterly unmerited, misplaced sense of self-entitled covetousness.

MARRIAGE:  Marriage used to be the union of one man and one woman.  It is the most basic building block of the community of man, made manifest by the most basic impulse of man, to survive, through the propagation of the species.  For 5,000 years we have understood this as fundamental to the organizational principles by which we self-regulate the sharing of space on planet earth, and long ago invented a word for it:  marriage.

It’s not political.

It just is.

Now, if we don’t confer the word, “marriage” on same-sex unions, we’re bad.

No.  No, we’re not.  We just think calling a puppy a kitten doesn’t make it feline.  It’s still canine, no matter how much you browbeat us.  A puppy is a puppy and a kitten is a kitten and those are the words that describe those organisms.

You want all the rights & privileges of a legal covenant binding two people together for life?  Fine! 

If you are lucky enough to find someone to make that precious covenant with you, to make that solemn promise to partner with you through the journey of life, you’re damned lucky and should be thankful.  We should all celebrate your good fortune.  God love ya!


I could go on… There’s whole dictionary full of words these people have changed and it makes me cranky.

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