“You’re lazy!!! …I’m going golfing.”

Nov 14 2011

As objectionable as I find damned near everything about this President, I’ve not pig-piled on him about his golf habit.  Being President is an unimaginably hard job, and if my President needs to hit the links once a week, well, I can regard the optics of it as questionable, but I’m not going to get all haughty about it.  I want my President emotionally and physically healthy.

But this?  Today?  Ed Henry, traveling with the President in Hawaii, just reported that he is now golfing.  It’s 1pm there (6pm here).  I know it’s Hawaii, and it’s far away and he doesn’t get “home” very often, but Monday f*cking afternoon? After he just called us lazy?

How about you get a little hustle on, huh?

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