CAIN UP – MSNBC’s Mika’s Audible SIGH

Nov 10 2011

Quinnipiac – which is really a toilet paper pollster, but hey, it’s the latest and it upsets MSNBC so let’s have a look – in polling taken since the the slanderous allegations hatched out of Axelrod’s Chicago apartment house took off, have Cain UP in crucial swing states. (Human Events had a damning article last night on the unbelievable ‘coincidences’ vis-a-vis Axe & Herman.  Sorry I don’t have it linked here.  Please Google it.)

When Politico was briefing Mika on Cain’s continued support, thus, how nobody is buying thier bullsh*t anymore, there was an audible off-camera sigh.

Po’ Mika.  Can’t slander with impunity anymore, can you? It’s a b*tch having the axis of evil now that you didn’t have 15 years ago – Internet/Talk Radio/Fox – isn’t it, cupcake?

Raw poll data is here.  Haven’t seen it integrated into Real Clear yet, and haven’t seen any analysis of it yet, but you can peruse it cold… and smile.

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